Sunday, July 12, 2015

Nicholas 10 and 11 months

Nick hit the eleventh month mark yesterday!  I literally cannot believe it.  Where did my newborn go?  Now he is a crawling, standing, attempting-to-walk little person that is getting into everything.  Unfortunately although I took some 10-month pics of him (quickly one afternoon before big brother woke up) I missed his 10 month blog post!  So sorry, my sweet Nick.  Second child syndrome strikes again.  Below are the 10 and 11th month pics.  He is in that phase where he's almost too fast to photograph, so none of them are the best quality, but I do feel they capture Nick.  :)

Size: Nick is still wearing size 3 in disposable diapers, and fits into 9 month clothing  (when he isn't wearing disposables) other than he's pretty much in 12 month or 12-18 month clothing.  Right on track.  He is really slimming out and lengthening up since he's become so mobile!

Likes:  Climbing stairs (a favorite!), trying to stand, playing in the tupperware cabinet.  He loves to puts up one leg and attempt to climb over the ledge in the bathtub.  He also really seems to enjoy head butting.  This he may have picked up from big brother and I am not too keen on it.  Saying "dada" (that started right around 10 months actually), and I swear he's recently added "uh oh" to his vocabulary!  He babbles all the time, but dada and uh-oh are the only two words I can really distinguish.

Dislikes:  Going into his infant carseat, afternoon naps occasionally, having his nails clipped.

Eating:  Nicholas has an APPETITE.  He can down more food than his big brother and frequently does!  He loves eggs, pancakes, lots of fruits (especially pears) and fresh strawberries (REALLY fresh as in, pick your own).  Nick also loves meatballs and pasta.  He will be my meat and potatoes boy, to balance out his big bro the apparent vegetarian.  :)  He drinks a ton of water from a straw cup but we haven't tried whole milk yet.  Still nurses 4 or 5 times a day.

Sleeping:  He has been skipping the afternoon nap on occasion.  It is WAY too early for him to give up the afternoon nap altogether, so hopefully it's just the long days of summer that's messing up his routine.

Nick - 10 months

Blurry, by I love it.  :)

Nick - 11 months
See how much the hair has grown in just four weeks?!

(There were some tears mid photo shoot.  He is doing better in this pic.)