Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Nicholas - 9 Months

Our Sweet Nick Nick turned 9 months old last week!  He continues to be all smiles and scooting lately (except when food is involved, see below).

Size: At Nick's 9-month appointment he weighed 20 lbs, 8 oz.  It's not even a full pound from where he was at his 6-month appointment, so he's definitely lengthening out and slimming down from all the moving and scooting around.  And I can't remember his length (and haven't yet tried to log into the pediatrician's new electronic database) so I will have to update that stat later.

Likes:  Scooting around, pulling up on his knees, pulling to standing.  He loves going over the big step and into the sitting room, in particular to pull up on and see what big brother is doing at his train table construction site.  He truly loves playing with Alex and laughs at almost everything he does.  Another HUGE likes?  Cheerios.  Oh my goodness does this kid love his Cheerios.

Dislikes:  When Alex bounces the big blue exercise off his head.  :/  Nick also dislikes most vegetables, when I try to feed him purees, and nursing if big brother is around.  He is just too much fun to watch.

Eating:  I haven't tried to feed Nick anything pureed in over a week because he bites down or grabs the spoon and just makes a mess.  It would be one thing if he were also eating it, but really he's just making a mess!  So we've moved onto bits of food.  He seems to enjoy banana, pear, avocado and cheese.  He does NOT seem to enjoy black beans, carrots, butternut squash or green bean bits.  He also wants to start every meal off with Cheerios.  You haven't lived until you've heard the noises he makes when there are no Cheerios on his plate!

Sleeping:  Will take one great, two-hour nap a day, usually in the afternoon.  An early riser like his big bro but will occasionally go back to sleep afterward.  (Not today though...everyone's up at 5:15!)


Big Brother is sleeping!  I shall play with his backhoe loader!

Those big brown eyes and those dark brown curls.  My littlest love.

Standing, standing everywhere!

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