Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Nicholas - 8 Months

Nick Jay is 8 months old!  Well, he was 8 months old over a week ago but I am sure he won't mind that his blog post is a touch late.  At least the pics were taken back on the 7th.  Even though he is experiencing a bit of sleep regression, and is surely teething, he is still our sweet, smiley boy.  Just love him.  :)

Size: Still wearing 12 month and 18 month clothing.  His little dinosaur slippers (an Alex hand-me-down) keep slipping off his feet, so I wonder if I need to try the bigger ones?  Hmm.

Likes: Eating soft finger foods (more below), scooting everywhere, pulling brother's hair, sitting up, biting down on anything hard, trying to eat grass, Bailey.

Dislikes: Having his nose cleaned (still), when he is removed from the bathtub, getting teeth. Oh, and sleeping through the night, apparently.

Eating: Nick LOVES eating little bits of food!  I let him start having puffs and small bits of banana and avocado the day before he turned 8 months and he just loves them.  Bailey likes it too, since Nick misses his mouth a lot (and they end up on the floor).

Sleeping: Well...for a few weeks now Nick has been waking up very unhappy at least once per night. I guess it started a little before we all got colds?  Sometimes it's midnight, sometimes 2:00, or 4:30.  But always at least once.  I have been able to count on him taking a good afternoon nap for awhile now, but the past four days he has just refused and been so sad.  I am convinced he's getting more teeth, although I can't tell where.  He wants to bite down on EVERYTHING.  He bit my shoulder!  Poor kiddo.  I drove them around today so he would sleep.  (Poor Alex couldn't fall asleep for his nap because Nick was howling down the hall.)

8 Months - 4/7/2015

Loves the toes!

Looking up at Big Brother, his favorite.

This isn't the best picture but I had to include it, because Nick is always doing THIS!  I call it his "yogalates" and it cracks me up.  Always just like this.

"Hi there, mama!"


Sitting up like a big boy!