Sunday, March 15, 2015

Nicholas - 7 Months

Last Saturday Nick turned 7 months old!  His pics from this months' "photo shoot" aren't the best, because my camera battery died just as we were getting started and I never got around to stripping him down and trying again.  Oh well.  :)  He continues to be a happy, smiley baby!  We love you so much, Nicholas Jay!

Size: Wearing 12-month clothes and pajamas and, brace yourself, even some of Alex's old 12-18 month items from Baby Gap.  Sometimes I look at these tiny, petite, delicate little babies in the world and wonder what that's like.

Likes:  SCOOTING!  We have a scooter, folks!  He has been dragging himself along the ground on his tummy by his arms for awhile now and is so fast.  Every once in awhile he will pop up on his knees and hang out for a bit, but no attempts at crawling that way yet.  He also has turned a corner and really loves solid foods.

Dislikes:  Having his nose cleaned, when brother hits him on the head, getting his two top teeth.  His top right tooth has finally popped through and I think the other is close behind, poor baby.

Sleeping:  Nick is still taking at least one good nap a day, sometimes two.  Often I can just leave him in the crib, fully awake, and he will put himself to sleep.  It is amazing!  I think the only reason Alex rarely did this for me was because I couldn't bear to hear him cry, even for a little bit.  Geez, look what I could have had!  :)

Eating:  Nick still nurses a lot, although it has slowed down a bit since he has started enjoying solids.  If we're in the kitchen, he wants demands to eat too, so he is already getting a bit of food at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  He has tried: sweet potatoes, avocado, banana, green beans, butternut squash, peas, acorn squash, pears, oatmeal, applesauce and mango.  (Oatmeal, applesauce and mango were all this past week however.)  He isn't getting any smaller, so obviously he is still taking in enough nutrients via breastmilk, but he is awfully distracted by what's around him (primarily big brother).

Very similar sweaters, very different moods.

3/7/2015 - Seven Months!

So big!

Nick is, it seems, already the size of a one year old Korean baby.

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