Sunday, February 8, 2015

Coral Bay, St. John

A few weeks ago all four of us (sorry, Bailey) were lucky enough to join Jay, Mary Pat, and Caroline in Coral Bay, St. John for a week of fun in the sun and sand.  It was the perfect week to escape the cold and snow (and boy have we gotten a lot of snow since then!) and we had a fabulous time.

I took almost 300 photos on my little point and shoot, so this is only about 10% of the pictures.  But hopefully it gives a nice summary of the week!

We arrived on Wednesday and made good time to Coral Bay.  Neither boy napped on the plane, but both fell asleep as soon as we were in the jeep!

On Thursday we got an early start and headed right to Cinnamon Bay Beach.

Cinnamon Bay Beach, first beach of the trip.  Nick looking dapper in his sun hat.

Chris and I have loved snorkeling out to this island, but the water was actually fairly churned up this morning and we couldn't see much.

Lots of quality nursing time with Nick this trip!  The warm temps made him thirsty, so he nursed even more than usual.

Trying to convince Alex to check out the water.

What a cool dude.  :)

That afternoon we enjoyed Miss Vi's private beach, after indulging in her fantastic Caribbean lunch.  We spent much of the days trading off who was hanging out with Nick in the shade.

Love him.  And he loved playing in the sand.

Sunset from the deck.  Never got old! 

The next day was spent at Francis Bay Beach, a favorite.  Alex was fascinated by the wild chickens!

Walking with Nana.

Hanging out in the shade with Auntie Caroline!
A rainstorm cut our afternoon short at Francis Bay beach, but it was good to end the day a bit early.  Both boys napped a bit and were in great moods to have dinner out at Aqua Bistro that night.  They were so well behaved and we had such a nice time as a family.  One of the highlights from the trip!

Saturday morning we parked at the visitor's center in Cruz Bay and hiked into Solomon Beach.  We got rained on a bit, but the weather cleared quickly and we ended up having almost the entire beach to ourselves.

Riding in style!

Alex had lots of fun on this palm tree.  :)

Ready to hike back so we can have lunch at the Beach Bar!

Asleep already.  Didn't take long.  :)

We stopped at Maho Bay for the evening.  Nick didn't care for the water, but loved the snuggles.  Snorkeling here, we saw a HUGE turtle.  He was beautiful!
Sunday we decided to try a new beach for all of us.  It was about a 20 minute hike to Denis Beach, but it ended up being my absolute favorite.  The sand was thick, the water had perfect waves and seemed even warmer than usual, and there was a beautiful breeze, not to mention plenty of trees.  I would have gone back again.

Snuggling with Al.  I think I was reading Good Night, Good Night Construction Site.  (and by "reading", I mean reciting from memory because I have read it so many times)

Best beach ever, right??

Donkeys are everywhere in Coral Bay, but this is the only one brazen enough to come right up to the front door!
Monday was Caroline's last full day with us, and after a failed attempt at a new beach (Lamesur), we ended up at Salt Pond Beach.  We clearly wore Alex out:

Nothing like sun and sand to wear a toddler out!
Tuesday, our last beach day, we went to Hawksnest Beach.  It is a great beach for little ones because there is lots of sand, lots of shade, and the water is nice and calm.  Everyone had a wonderful day!

Hmm, I think they look way more alike than people give them credit for!

Nick Jay and Grandpa Jay (Baba Jay, according to Al)

Nana, Alex, Baba, and Nick...what a happy foursome!

My favorite photobomb.

By day 6, he was finally comfortable enough to run right into the water!

And...back in NY.  Brrrr.

What a wonderful, wonderful trip.  We feel so blessed that Jay and Mary Pat wanted to plan this trip as our Christmas gift.  Thank you for your generosity and for memories that we will never forget!

Nick 6 Months - Happy Half-Birthday Little Love!

Our smiley baby Nick turned 6 months old yesterday!  Halfway to a year in the blink of an eye.  We love you so much, sweet Nicholas Jay, and we can't imagine our lives without you in it.

Size: Appointment with the pediatrician on Tuesday morning will give us his official weight and length.  He is wearing 9-month and 12-month clothes comfortably, and size 3 in disposable diapers.  Lately I have been putting him in one of Alex's size 4 diapers at night so he won't wake up wanting a dry diaper!

Likes:  Rolling and rolling and rolling some more.  The kiddo LOVES rolling and will not stay in one place for very long at all.  Luckily he doesn't seem to mind the wooden floors because he will not stay on rugs no matter what I do!  Really enjoys standing with support and trying to figure out how to crawl.

Dislikes:  Having his nose cleaned, being cold, and apparently solid food (see below).

Sleeping:  Nick takes at least one good nap a day, sometimes two.  He is a very light sleeper though, and always wakes up after being asleep in the car.

Eating:  Still nurses a lot, but great at taking a bottle when necessary.  We tried some sweet potatoes this afternoon and he did not really care for them at all.  Neither did Alex the first time around.  We will see how tomorrow goes!  (Also, I served them cold, so tomorrow I will try to warm them up a bit.)

6 Months - February 2015

"Who, me?"

Smiley Nick!

Trying to figure out this crawling thing.

Loves his toes!

"What's about to happen?  Why don't I have a shirt on?"