Saturday, January 10, 2015

Nick Jay - 5 months

Our very sweet, very happy Nicholas Jay turned 5 months old on Wednesday!  It has been so much fun to see a little personality start to emerge, as well as to see how that little personality is meshing with his big brother's.  He is our little love and we adore him!

Size: Probably time to put the 6-month clothes in the attic.  They still fit him, technically, but his toes are pushing on the feet of the pajamas in a way that doesn't look comfortable.  I just bought Nick his first box of size 3 diapers (for comparison's sake, Alex is still wearing a size 4) and I've moved him into the "medium" size on cloth diapers.  He has the most adorable rolls around his wrists and his thighs are so chunky you just want to squeeze them.  And I frequently do.  :)

Likes:  Watching his brother!  Petting Bailey!  Laughing and smiling!  Over the holidays he started spontaneously laughing at Alex, which may be my most favorite thing to witness ever.  Rolling over and trying to crawl (although this frustrates him as well).  He still likes playing on the play mat and really seems to enjoy the stander.  He is much more interested in toys (chewing on them, mouthing them, etc.) than before.  He makes the cutest pterodactyl-like squeaks when he is excited! 

Dislikes:  Having his nose cleaned, when he is tired, being left on the floor for too long.

Sleeping:  Nick is still, on most days, taking at least one solid nap.  This varies from 30 minutes to 2 hours (or 2.5, like today).  Some days he still just sleeps on the go though, and won't take a "real" nap in his crib.  Still doing great at night and has finally gotten comfortable sleeping on his tummy (although we still put him to bed on his back).

Eating:  Still nursing, a lot, but seems satisfied.  We should be able to hold out one last month before trying solid foods.  Sniff, tear.  So big, so soon!

5 months today!  1/7/2015

Such a big, strong boy.

"Hi, mom.  Are we almost done here?"

Such a little flirt!