Sunday, July 12, 2015

Nicholas 10 and 11 months

Nick hit the eleventh month mark yesterday!  I literally cannot believe it.  Where did my newborn go?  Now he is a crawling, standing, attempting-to-walk little person that is getting into everything.  Unfortunately although I took some 10-month pics of him (quickly one afternoon before big brother woke up) I missed his 10 month blog post!  So sorry, my sweet Nick.  Second child syndrome strikes again.  Below are the 10 and 11th month pics.  He is in that phase where he's almost too fast to photograph, so none of them are the best quality, but I do feel they capture Nick.  :)

Size: Nick is still wearing size 3 in disposable diapers, and fits into 9 month clothing  (when he isn't wearing disposables) other than he's pretty much in 12 month or 12-18 month clothing.  Right on track.  He is really slimming out and lengthening up since he's become so mobile!

Likes:  Climbing stairs (a favorite!), trying to stand, playing in the tupperware cabinet.  He loves to puts up one leg and attempt to climb over the ledge in the bathtub.  He also really seems to enjoy head butting.  This he may have picked up from big brother and I am not too keen on it.  Saying "dada" (that started right around 10 months actually), and I swear he's recently added "uh oh" to his vocabulary!  He babbles all the time, but dada and uh-oh are the only two words I can really distinguish.

Dislikes:  Going into his infant carseat, afternoon naps occasionally, having his nails clipped.

Eating:  Nicholas has an APPETITE.  He can down more food than his big brother and frequently does!  He loves eggs, pancakes, lots of fruits (especially pears) and fresh strawberries (REALLY fresh as in, pick your own).  Nick also loves meatballs and pasta.  He will be my meat and potatoes boy, to balance out his big bro the apparent vegetarian.  :)  He drinks a ton of water from a straw cup but we haven't tried whole milk yet.  Still nurses 4 or 5 times a day.

Sleeping:  He has been skipping the afternoon nap on occasion.  It is WAY too early for him to give up the afternoon nap altogether, so hopefully it's just the long days of summer that's messing up his routine.

Nick - 10 months

Blurry, by I love it.  :)

Nick - 11 months
See how much the hair has grown in just four weeks?!

(There were some tears mid photo shoot.  He is doing better in this pic.)


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Nicholas - 9 Months

Our Sweet Nick Nick turned 9 months old last week!  He continues to be all smiles and scooting lately (except when food is involved, see below).

Size: At Nick's 9-month appointment he weighed 20 lbs, 8 oz.  It's not even a full pound from where he was at his 6-month appointment, so he's definitely lengthening out and slimming down from all the moving and scooting around.  And I can't remember his length (and haven't yet tried to log into the pediatrician's new electronic database) so I will have to update that stat later.

Likes:  Scooting around, pulling up on his knees, pulling to standing.  He loves going over the big step and into the sitting room, in particular to pull up on and see what big brother is doing at his train table construction site.  He truly loves playing with Alex and laughs at almost everything he does.  Another HUGE likes?  Cheerios.  Oh my goodness does this kid love his Cheerios.

Dislikes:  When Alex bounces the big blue exercise off his head.  :/  Nick also dislikes most vegetables, when I try to feed him purees, and nursing if big brother is around.  He is just too much fun to watch.

Eating:  I haven't tried to feed Nick anything pureed in over a week because he bites down or grabs the spoon and just makes a mess.  It would be one thing if he were also eating it, but really he's just making a mess!  So we've moved onto bits of food.  He seems to enjoy banana, pear, avocado and cheese.  He does NOT seem to enjoy black beans, carrots, butternut squash or green bean bits.  He also wants to start every meal off with Cheerios.  You haven't lived until you've heard the noises he makes when there are no Cheerios on his plate!

Sleeping:  Will take one great, two-hour nap a day, usually in the afternoon.  An early riser like his big bro but will occasionally go back to sleep afterward.  (Not today though...everyone's up at 5:15!)


Big Brother is sleeping!  I shall play with his backhoe loader!

Those big brown eyes and those dark brown curls.  My littlest love.

Standing, standing everywhere!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Nicholas - 8 Months

Nick Jay is 8 months old!  Well, he was 8 months old over a week ago but I am sure he won't mind that his blog post is a touch late.  At least the pics were taken back on the 7th.  Even though he is experiencing a bit of sleep regression, and is surely teething, he is still our sweet, smiley boy.  Just love him.  :)

Size: Still wearing 12 month and 18 month clothing.  His little dinosaur slippers (an Alex hand-me-down) keep slipping off his feet, so I wonder if I need to try the bigger ones?  Hmm.

Likes: Eating soft finger foods (more below), scooting everywhere, pulling brother's hair, sitting up, biting down on anything hard, trying to eat grass, Bailey.

Dislikes: Having his nose cleaned (still), when he is removed from the bathtub, getting teeth. Oh, and sleeping through the night, apparently.

Eating: Nick LOVES eating little bits of food!  I let him start having puffs and small bits of banana and avocado the day before he turned 8 months and he just loves them.  Bailey likes it too, since Nick misses his mouth a lot (and they end up on the floor).

Sleeping: Well...for a few weeks now Nick has been waking up very unhappy at least once per night. I guess it started a little before we all got colds?  Sometimes it's midnight, sometimes 2:00, or 4:30.  But always at least once.  I have been able to count on him taking a good afternoon nap for awhile now, but the past four days he has just refused and been so sad.  I am convinced he's getting more teeth, although I can't tell where.  He wants to bite down on EVERYTHING.  He bit my shoulder!  Poor kiddo.  I drove them around today so he would sleep.  (Poor Alex couldn't fall asleep for his nap because Nick was howling down the hall.)

8 Months - 4/7/2015

Loves the toes!

Looking up at Big Brother, his favorite.

This isn't the best picture but I had to include it, because Nick is always doing THIS!  I call it his "yogalates" and it cracks me up.  Always just like this.

"Hi there, mama!"


Sitting up like a big boy!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sledding at Huntington Park

It rained all day yesterday and was pretty cold and gloomy today, but last weekend was BEAUTIFUL!  On Saturday we took the boys to Huntington Park and Alex got to try out sledding for the first time.  He has used his wooden sled in the backyard, but this was his first experience at downhill.  He tried it, then refused to go again for a while, but did get back on the sled once more before we left.

Add caption

"It's awfully bright and cold, mom!"

Watching Dad zoom down the hill.

Ever so pensive.

Dashing through the snow!

And, a stop at the coffee shop to warm up afterwards.

Nicholas - 7 Months

Last Saturday Nick turned 7 months old!  His pics from this months' "photo shoot" aren't the best, because my camera battery died just as we were getting started and I never got around to stripping him down and trying again.  Oh well.  :)  He continues to be a happy, smiley baby!  We love you so much, Nicholas Jay!

Size: Wearing 12-month clothes and pajamas and, brace yourself, even some of Alex's old 12-18 month items from Baby Gap.  Sometimes I look at these tiny, petite, delicate little babies in the world and wonder what that's like.

Likes:  SCOOTING!  We have a scooter, folks!  He has been dragging himself along the ground on his tummy by his arms for awhile now and is so fast.  Every once in awhile he will pop up on his knees and hang out for a bit, but no attempts at crawling that way yet.  He also has turned a corner and really loves solid foods.

Dislikes:  Having his nose cleaned, when brother hits him on the head, getting his two top teeth.  His top right tooth has finally popped through and I think the other is close behind, poor baby.

Sleeping:  Nick is still taking at least one good nap a day, sometimes two.  Often I can just leave him in the crib, fully awake, and he will put himself to sleep.  It is amazing!  I think the only reason Alex rarely did this for me was because I couldn't bear to hear him cry, even for a little bit.  Geez, look what I could have had!  :)

Eating:  Nick still nurses a lot, although it has slowed down a bit since he has started enjoying solids.  If we're in the kitchen, he wants demands to eat too, so he is already getting a bit of food at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  He has tried: sweet potatoes, avocado, banana, green beans, butternut squash, peas, acorn squash, pears, oatmeal, applesauce and mango.  (Oatmeal, applesauce and mango were all this past week however.)  He isn't getting any smaller, so obviously he is still taking in enough nutrients via breastmilk, but he is awfully distracted by what's around him (primarily big brother).

Very similar sweaters, very different moods.

3/7/2015 - Seven Months!

So big!

Nick is, it seems, already the size of a one year old Korean baby.