Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Nick - Two Months

Our Nicholas Jay is two months old!  He is such a happy, content baby!  He loves to coo and talk, play on his activity mat, and smile at familiar people.  The poor thing has cradle cap just like Alex did, which is driving me crazy but seems to not bother him.  He has huge, beautiful eyes that I still can't determine the color of.  Sometimes they are that baby blue-gray, other times they look hazelnut brown.  Only time will tell I guess!  He has started to "tick-tock" in his crib and move himself 90 degrees.   He just had his first vacation away to the White Mountains and he did fantastic in the car, only waking up to nurse once each way.  We are so in love with our little Nick!

Size: Nick had his two-month appointment (complete with oodles of shots, poor baby) on October 7.  He weighed 13 pounds, 15 ounces!  No wonder my back is tired, haha.  And he is over 24 inches long.  These stats put him in the 91st and 93rd percentile.  He can still wear 0-3 month clothes but most of them look a bit like capri pants and three-quarter-length sleeves.  The 3-6 month stuff fits well, although still a bit bunchy.  He is still wearing size 1 diapers, but I think once we finish these up we are moving to size 2.

Likes: Nick still loves snuggling on my chest.  To get him to sleep once he's riled up, he likes a very specific combination of wiggling his bottom up and down and patting his back, done simultaneously.  I am now a pro at this.  Nick likes being in the baby ktan wrap much more now that I've switched to "hug" position instead of "kangaroo" position.  He loves batting and kicking at the animals on his activity mat, especially the giraffe.  He loves to coo and talk and smile when you hold him up close to your face.  He is very alert! 

Dislikes: Being cold and when he has been awake for too long.  Having his nails clipped.  Being put down when he's all snuggly and asleep in your arms.

Sleeping and Eating: Nick has started doing extremely well at night.  Last night for example I fed him while we were eating dinner (he literally could not wait any longer), which was about 7:00.  He nursed from both sides, which is something Alex rarely ever did, and then he went to sleep on my chest around 8:00.  I put him in his crib around 9:30 and then he didn't wake up to eat again until 5:00!  Some nights he still wakes up at 2:00 or 3:00, and other nights he wants to eat closer to midnight once more before really going down for the night but still...excellent progress!  :)

October 8, 2014 (they are one day late, poor baby had too many shots the day before!)

"Hello, there."

My favorite face!  The little love!

Those big eyes and beautiful still my heart.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Alex - 23 Months

One of Alex's best little buddies turned 2 today.  He is exactly one month older than Al and his parents have become some very dear friends.  (They were, in fact, in our childbirth class over two years ago!)  Since little Adrian has turned two, it is a very bittersweet reminder that Alex is next.  We are simultaneously overjoyed at the little boy that our sweet Alex is becoming and still reeling that almost two years has gone by so fast.  Wow.

This past month Alex has continued to climb onto things, push furniture around, "fix" stuff, get into messes, get stuck in places, fall off of things, fall into things, and of course make us laugh.  He loves working in the basement with Chris, even to the point where he turned down the temp on our hot water heater without our knowledge (we took cool showers for three days before we realized what had happened).

He has started to show a teeny bit of jealously towards little brother.  Not aggressive, but definitely wanting to be picked up more and wanting me to put Nick down more.  He will copy anything that Chris does (hammering, measuring, drilling) and even things that I do (like wanting to have a cup of coffee too).  Alex still loves books and has a new favorite: Curious George.  A friend brought him a book when Nick was born and he loved it right away.  Alex's napping has gotten much better, and he will often take a book with him to his crib to look at before he's ready to lie down.

Alex is a ham, and a goofball, a smartypants and a cuddle bug, and we just love him to pieces.  :)

Alex is still very into "his baby".  He pulled it right up into the double stroller next to him!

Alex loved riding in the double stroller with Nick at the park.  Although he still liked the playground better, of course!

Watching a little Curious George on PBS while mom makes scrambled eggs!

Big Boy Bed!  (This happened right at the beginning of September, right after Alex turned 22 months.)

Helping Dad put together his Ugly Drum Smoker

Reading Curious George Goes Camping


At the Touch a Truck event in Ridgefield

Hey, cool dude!


At Stanziato's.  I love the looks!

Like I said, he has to do everything that Chris does.  :)

"What?  What was that mom?"

Always right underfoot if tools are involved.

Working in the yard

Get those leaves, Al!!

Quiet time with Little Brother

Tool belt, check.  Hammer, check.  Rain boots?  Check.

Playing under the red stools (he can also climb up into them by himself).

Snacking on apples at his little buddy Joshua's 2nd birthday party.

Did someone say ride 'em cowboy?  :)