Sunday, September 14, 2014

Nick - One Month

Our little Nicholas Jay is not so little anymore!  He turned one month old last Sunday and is growing and gaining like crazy.  He is such a good baby, and a tough one too- big brother is making sure of that!  He has lost almost all the "fur" on his arms, legs and back that he had at birth, but he still has tons of dark hair on top of his head.

Size: At Nick's one month appointment I was shocked to find out he weighed 11 pounds, 12 ounces and was almost 24 inches long!  He had gained OVER TWO POUNDS in the two weeks since his two week check-up.  He is only wearing 0-3 month clothes at this point (we said goodbye to newborn clothes weeks ago) and even some of them are feeling a little too short.  
Likes: Nick loves snuggling on my chest, which we don't get to do often enough during the day with big brother to chase after.  Once Alex is in bed though, we usually hang out on the couch until at least midnight.  He gets lots of snuggle time then!  Just like Alex, Nick loves the swing and being carried around in my wrap.  He does like baths, but does not seem to find them quite as relaxing as Alex did (probably because Alex is usually trying to "help" bathe Nick!)
Dislikes: Hmm...what does Nick dislike?  He is really a pretty content baby!  He loves to nurse (just refer back to the "size" section of this post) but he does not like when the milk is coming at him too fast.  He gets very mad, and sometimes just gives up for a bit.  Oh!  He does not like when big brother splashes him with water.  Can you blame him?  :)  He also isn't crazy about being alone in his bassinet during the day.
Sleeping and Eating: Just in the past few days, Nick has started going four hours between feedings at night.  So, he wakes up to eat at 1:30 and 5:30, or 2:00 and 6:00.  He still doesn't want to go to his crib early (he wants to hang out til the wee hours of the morning) but we are both getting more sleep at night, which is AMAZING.

We love our sweet Nick!  He is so very alert and has recently started smiling at us, which we can't get enough of.

One Month - September 7, 2014

Those eyes!  That sweet little mouth!

Taking his cue from big brother and "chillaxin".

Squishy face!

Don't you love the hair in this one?

Getting this photo shoot almost over?

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Alex - 22 Months

Our sweet boy is 22 months old!  Alex has transitioned into his role as big brother with ease, and has been having as much fun with Nick as can be had with a newborn.  He loves to hold him, push him in his little swing, and kiss him.  He still enjoys attempting to pick him up!  One of these days he's going to just go for it, I'm afraid!  :)  Alex and Nick have also started bathing together and Alex loves to help rinse his little brother.

Alex continues to make us laugh every day!  He is truly a joyful, happy boy, even as we approach the "terrible twos".  He is so observant and imitates everything Chris or I do, but especially Chris.  He watches Chris work with tools ever so carefully, and then tries (pretty successfully actually) to do the exact same movements.  It's so endearing to watch.

Alex is talking more and more.  He's started saying "no", and he says it in such a sweet way I don't mind it at all (although I'm sure I will in the future).

A few weeks ago I was down on the couch nursing Nick in the morning.  Chris was leaving for work, and although I could Alex on the baby monitor I knew I couldn't go to his crib until Nick was finished.  Suddenly I heard a thud, and then started hearing Alex's little voice.  When I realized it was getting closer, and definitely NOT coming through the monitor, I jumped up and raced around the corner to find him coming down the stairs with a huge smile on his face.  Yikes!  Although he didn't attempt it again, we finally removed the front piece to his crib this morning.  He loves his new big boy bed!

Watching Daddy brew.  Alex loves putting these rain boots on all by himself.  He love them so much I'm about to order a pair in a bigger size.

Helping Daddy brew!  And getting to use one of his favorite things: the garden hose.

Playing at the hospital when Nick was born

PB&J from the hospital cafeteria.  Not quite as good as mom's but he ate it up anyway!

Gardening with Nana


Alex loves pushing his shopping cart around the first floor!  I love discovering what objects he's placed in it each day.

He is ALWAYS in little brother's swing.  It makes him look like such a big boy!

Sitting in a big chair with Dad.

Holding sweet.

First real haircut!  Thanks, Henry! 

Still signs "please".  Adorable.

Grandma and Papa are here!

Alex loves to flash his tummy and belly button.  I don't mind at all.  :)

Helping Daddy.  He insisted on doing this throughout Home Depot as well.

Coloring.  Do we have a lefty?

Such a cool dude.  He has started wearing his sunglasses the past few days and loves them.

I get this face a lot.  :)

Always "fixing" stuff.

They've been paving the road in front of our house for a few weeks.  Alex has had the best time watching all the big trucks through the windows.