Tuesday, April 22, 2014

16 Months and 17 Months (whoops!)

So there has been a lot of hustle and bustle around Casa Gibson here lately.  In addition to, you know, growing another human, we have been doing a little kitchen renovation and lots of tweaking to the upstairs to make room for Baby Boy #2.  Needless to say, I missed Alex's 16 month post.  Whoops!  So here is a little update of what he has been up to lately:

Size:  Alex is mostly in 18-month stuff but is wearing a few 24-month pieces too.  At a visit to the pediatrician last month he was 24 pounds, 9 ounces.  We go back for his 18 months checkup (what?!) in a few weeks, so I'll have all his stats then.  He's looking pretty long and lean lately, just like his Daddy.

Likes:  Books!  The kiddo loves to read.  He requests 3 or 4 each night (although he sometimes wants to start the next one before the current one is finished.)  He's now walking and LOVES being able to walk around on his own like a big boy.  He loves the vacuum cleaner (he also loves sitting on it...I think he needs a ride-on toy!) 

Dislikes:  Dare I say it...bath time is maybe getting easier?  There have been a few nights the past week or two where there have been very few tears.  Hoping it's a trend.  Still not a fan of having his bottom wiped, though.

Sleeping:  When he's home on the weekend he can take up to a 3-hour afternoon nap.  At school it's closer to 2 hours.  I think he still gets tired in the mornings but pushes through it til the afternoon nap.  He has been staying up til 8:00 which is nice for both Chris and I to have a little extra time with him.  :)

Eating:  Not too many new additions to the food categories as of late.  Alex still eats quite a lot at breakfast and lunch, and often isn't too hungry when dinner rolls around (but I hear this is common in toddlers).

Taking his first international flight to St. John back in early February.  What a good little traveler!

Not crazy about the sand.

But loved the water!

Al had a great time seeing all the sights and sounds on the island.

He loved this little baseball cap I found to keep the sun out of his eyes!

Back in New England.  Alex did NOT enjoy the snow this year.  Hopefully next year will be better, when he can walk/run around in it!

Alex loves art time!

He still loves that right thumb.  Pediatrician said not to worry about it quite yet!

He also loves all things technology (laptops, cell phones, ipads).  Sigh.  He's a 2012 baby, what can I say?

First chocolate...some Andes mints he found in the pantry.  He was so excited when he finally got the wrapper off, I couldn't say no!

Alex loves helping mommy in the kitchen.

And he's a great taste tester too.  I didn't find a single chocolate chip cookie crumb anywhere!  :)

He loves climbing in and on EVERYTHING.

Alex loves tools!  Both Daddy's real ones and his toy ones.

Ahh, the vacuum.  Always a favorite.

Facetiming with the fam is another favorite activity!

Hanging out with his best buddy, Bailey.  :)