Sunday, January 12, 2014

14 Months - Christmas, A New Year, and Swim Lessons

I fully intended to take a picture of Alex in his rocking chair (like I did when he turned 13 months) on the 5th of every month until he turns 2.  You can see from the photo below how successful that was!

So, I scratched that idea and will just take a few shots of Al doing what he loves- playing and laughing.  :)

Alex loves clapping!

Size:  Alex has been feeling a bit hefty these days!  Some of his 12-month pajamas have had to be swapped for 18-month ones, and he suddenly seems very long.  Next stats won't be til his 15 month appointment next month.

Likes:  Alex is currently into climbing anything and everything.  He's in chairs, on the coffee table, trying to climb onto his activity table.  He pulls out the CD and DVD drawers of the media console and uses them as a stool to try and get on top of said media console.  He climbs all the stairs, up step ladders, on and off the get the idea.  :)

In the mornings either Chris or myself will go get Al and bring him back to our bed for a little snuggle before we all get up for the day.  He loves it, and always snuggles right in for a few minutes before he's up and active again.  It's my favorite part of the day.

Dislikes:  Baths were still sad right up until the 14 month mark, but have improved drastically since he started swim lessons, thank goodness!  Still cries when we wipe his bottom though, poor kid.

Sleeping:  Still taking a morning nap and an afternoon nap, and still sleeping through the night for eleven or twelve hours each night.  When he's awake, he is non-stop, so I think the naps are needed to recharge his batteries!

Eating:  It was sort of a slow start with strawberries but now Alex loves them.  He also thinks grilled cheese is pretty great.  Cheesy scrambled eggs and toast with jam has become a new breakfast favorite.

This past month Alex got to enjoy a snow day at home with mom and dad.  He loved looking out the window at all the snow!

He also loved yelling at the snow.  :)

As I mentioned, baths were still pretty traumatic.  We have finally turned a corner.

A snowy walk at Huntington Park with mom, dad, and Bailey.

First peanut butter cookie (with a still-warm Hershey's kiss on top).  Do you think he liked it?

2nd Christmas!  So excited!

Opening his stocking, Santa left apple snack bars!  They are a new favorite!

The first weekend of the new year we started swim lessons.  His first lesson was...touch and go.  Lots of tears, but some fun too.

Is he sad because the lesson is over, or because he was forced to experience it at all?  :)

Belated Christmas with Nana and Grandpa Gibson!

What could be in that big box for such a little boy?!  Spoiler- it was an awesome sled that Al LOVES!

Alex thought it was hilarious to spill an entire container of cocoa powder on himself (and the floor).  :)

2nd swim lesson...much happier this time around!