Monday, November 11, 2013

Twelve Months - Happy Birthday, Alex Henry!

Wow.  Little man is a year old!  It came and went so fast it almost doesn't feel like it happened.  But here we are, a week later, and we definitely have a one year old boy sleeping soundly in his room upstairs!  He looks and acts more like a little boy and less like a baby every day, but he will (of course) always be my baby.
We had a wonderful time celebrating his first birthday!  Friends came over for chili the Sunday before his birthday.  Alex was a bit overwhelmed (at one point he crawled, crying, through a tangle of grown-up legs to find me in the kitchen) but he ended up having lots of fun despite missing both naps that day.
Both Chris and I took the day off for his actual birthday and headed down to the Norwalk Aquarium.  I wasn't sure if Alex would notice or care about what was at the aquarium, since most of it he wouldn't be able to touch, but he LOVED it.  He laughed at the seals, giggled when the sting rays would come up and splash him, and loved looking through the glass and "touching" all the fish.  It was a beautiful, perfect day.
Size:  One-year well visit on Wednesday...I will give you an update then!  Currently wearing 12-month clothes (and 12-18 months in Gap/Old Navy).
Likes:  Playing with toilet paper.  All of our rolls of toilet paper are now off their holder and sitting on the top of the tank.  :)  Using baby sign language for "more"...over and over again!  Turning the volume up on the living room stereo.
Dislikes:  Baths, although the last one was a bit better thanks to an adorable birthday present from Alex's little buddy Adrian.  He always protests a bit when he's put into the carseat now too (he doesn't like being constrained).
Sleeping:  Still sleeping like a champ, good boy.  Will  occasionally skip his morning nap though.
Eating:  Alex is all about CHEESE.  I eventually have to cut him off, because he just constantly requests "more".  Same with Cheerios.  He has a beautiful little pincer grasp, but won't use it and will instead rake up handfuls of Cheerios and stuff them in his mouth.  Oh well!  We'll work on table manners later!
Alex is drinking whole milk during the day!  We are still nursing in the morning and before bed, and sometimes in the afternoon.  But we slowly transitioned to cups of whole milk during the day and he's doing great.  Such a big boy!
(Thanks to Daylight Savings, it has been tough getting good twelve month pictures.  I will try again this weekend!)
12 Months

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!

Oh, yep, this isn't bad!

Alex and some of his buds- Joshua, Adrian, and Seamus (unfortunately I took this pic at the end of the party and some of his other buddies had already left!)

At the aquarium!

I don't like how that shark is eyeing our boy!
"Hey Bailey, why you wearing that on your head?"

We love you so much, Alexander Henry!