Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Eleven Months

Eleven months old!  In some ways it seems like it should be a lot longer than that, but most of the time I shake my head and can't believe he's almost a year old.
Alex, you are such a good boy.  I tell people all the time what a good baby we have.  And in return, they tell me what a beautiful, handsome boy we have.  They are so right.  :)
Size:  9-month clothes are just a touch too small, 12-month clothes still a tad on the bigger size.  He's right in between where he can wear both though.  I actually just bought his Halloween costume (after planning to sew one, I couldn't pass up the one I found for just $15) and it's a 9-month.
Likes:  Still loves standing and pulling up on everything.  He has also taken to wiggling under, over, around and through any small space he can.  He particularly enjoys crawling underneath the bar stools in the kitchen and over the bottom beam of the dining room table.  He loves being outside.  He loves touching things that are soft like Bailey, and the rug his Nana made that hangs on the wall.  He wants to explore anything and everything, which is so much fun to watch.  He has a great time in the kitchen cabinets!
Dislikes:  Being hungry.  And still doesn't enjoy having his face or bottom wiped.
Sleeping:  Alex is sleeping later in the mornings than ever before (which isn't great for mom's work schedule, ha!).  He'll make noises, but is still pretty sleepy and just content to rest.  He usually doesn't fuss until I'm actually in his room ready to nurse him, and then he pops right up from his crib.
Eating:  After a brief hiatus from purees, he is tolerating them again.  So he's back to having oatmeal at breakfast and some pureed vegetables at lunch, along with finger foods at those meal times.  And dinner is pretty much all finger foods.  He loves Cheerios (puffs are a thing of the past), cheese, banana and pear, and lots of different veggies.  He thinks bread is great, as well as ice cream.  And we've set the bar for ice cream pretty high, since he's only had Ferris Acres.  :)
My goal was to nurse for a year, like the AAP recommends, but Alex doesn't seem anywhere near ready to wean himself (although we are down to just four times a day).  Fingers crossed he decides on his own!  At least the middle of the day feedings, when I'm at work, will be easier to drop.
Such a big boy!

I see this look a lot.  Wonder what he's thinking?

So fascinated by every little thing.

"Oh, hello up there mom!"

Typical pic of the brothers- Bailey waiting patiently for something to eat, Alex laughing and giggling in the background.  Love.  :)