Saturday, September 14, 2013

Ten Months

Little man is 10 months old!  Double digits, y'all.  He's growing up before our very eyes!  Such a happy, healthy baby boy.  Couldn't ask for more.
Size:  At his nine month visit he was almost 29 inches long and almost 20 pounds.  Still 75th percentile for length but dropped down to 50th percentile for weight.  The pediatrician has no concerns, however, since Al started out life with a hefty head start (ahem, nine pounds, three ounces).  But what's funny is that a lot of his 9-month long-sleeved onesies and long pants that I'd put away for the summer...I can actually put on him again!  They're snug, but they'll do until we get some more cool weather clothes.  He fits perfectly into 12-month clothing.
He has also graduated to his "big boy" carseat.  He looks much more comfortable in it!  He hasn't outgrown his infant carseat, though, so now we have a seat in Chris' car too which works out great.
Likes:  Pulling up to standing on everything, and climbing onto and over everything.  He loves eating puffs now (they're pretty much the only finger food he cares for at the moment).  He loves his teachers and classmates at school!  He loves exploring and touching what's around him.
Dislikes:  Alex has loved baths since day one, but the past few weeks he has not enjoyed having his hair washed.  Not sure what to do about that.  He also hates having his nose wiped or face cleaned.  Or having his bottom wiped either.  Hmm...are you sensing a pattern here?  :)  He also immediately bursts into tears when left on the other side of the baby gate at the top of the stairs.
Sleeping:  Sleeping through the night again.  The interrupted nights must have been due to teething, as he finally has two bottom teeth!  He's doing well taking his morning nap and afternoon nap at school, even without the blackout curtains and silent room he has at home.  Phew.
Eating:  He loves squeeze pouches.  He'll get one for dinner if we're out and sometimes for snack he has applesauce from a pouch.  Still mostly pureed foods, but now that he has those two bottom teeth I'm going to try and give him chunkier textures.  As I mentioned earlier, he really, REALLY likes puffs.  :)
September 5, 2013 - 10 Months Old

"Hey, who's there?"


Handsome baby boy.

"What shoe?  I didn't see any shoe."