Monday, August 5, 2013

Nine Months

Nine months old today!  Alex has been outside my belly almost as long as he was inside it.  Unbelievable!  He's crawling everywhere and pulling up on anything.  He loves to explore, laugh, and yell.  We've been trying to limit the yelling but he just doesn't seem to understand "no" yet.  :)
Size:  His 9 month check-up is next Tuesday so we'll find out his stats then.  I feel that his weight gain has slowed down considerably (even his belly and cheeks look slimmer to me), but he seems really, really long.  His car seat maxes out at 32 inches so I'm curious how close he is to that (he's nowhere near its 30 pound weight limit, though.)  He fits perfectly into 9-month clothes and 12-month clothes, but he's more comfortable in 12-month pajamas.  He needs another haircut.
Likes:  Playing with the hearth, pulling up on the coffee table, opening the kitchen cabinets.  Crawling over the big step into the sitting room is a favorite too.  Are you sensing a pattern?  He has no fear.  :)  He tried a swing on the playground for the first time and thought it was great.  He loves meal times and drinking water from a straw cup.  He loved being at the lake!  And he loves pushing the kitchen trashcan around.
Dislikes:  Staying in one place.  And when I try to get him to lay down in the bath so I can rinse his hair, he grabs both sides of the tub and makes himself as rigid as a piece of plywood!  He also doesn't quite know what to make of grass.  Probably because I'm completely terrified of tick bites and always have him on a blanket.  I promise to plunk him down in the lawn a little more.  :)
Sleeping and Eating:  He really does love to eat.  He'll eat anything pureed (we're currently trying yellow squash and blueberries are up next), but he doesn't know what to do when I give him little pieces of banana.  He still has zero teeth, so maybe once he gets a few he'll want his food a little chunkier?  Only time will tell.
Alex has become a good napper.  If we're home, he takes a morning nap and a longish afternoon nap.  If we're out, he just catnaps.  He's been wanting to stay up later (probably because of all the napping) but he still wakes up by at least 6:00.  The past few weeks he woke up a lot during the night, and I think it's because the teeth are coming.  He wasn't hungry when he woke up, just sad.  But last night he didn't wake up at all so who knows?  He's a mystery!
9 Months - August 5, 2013

I love the wrinkle face!

Standing?  Crawling?  He can't decide.

Crawling is exhausting.  :)

What a big boy!
"Better take it quick, mom, I'm about to crawl away from you!"

my sweet boy!