Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!

Geez, louise.  Someone should fire me from my own blog, y'all!  I'm pretty consistent with Alex's monthly posts but not much else.  I've been having a hard time keeping up with his baby book, his journal, the blog, the photobook, and the literally hundreds of photos we've taken of our little man.  I know, I know- first world problems.  But still, I'm working on organizing our photos so the cataloguing and backing up of the photos doesn't continue to be overwhelming.  And once that's done, I hope to start blogging on a more regular basis!  Because our little man is just ridiculously cute!  :)
We had a great Memorial Day weekend.  Saturday was very rainy and gray, which is perfect museum weather.  We headed down to New Haven to go to Yale's Peabody Museum of Natural History.  Alex was a little bored in the stroller, but got much happier once I put him in the baby ktan.  :)
After the museum we had lunch at a vegetarian Indian restaurant, Thali.  It was their "all-you-can-eat" brunch, so they kept bringing different dishes to the table.  Due to a bit of a language barrier, we didn't always know exactly what we were eating, but trust me it was all delicious.  Yes.  Yum.
Sunday Chris brewed another batch of beer.  Heiferwho?  Hippowhat?  Oh, Hefeweizen.  Yes, that's it.  Kind of like Blue Moon.  Should be good!  It smells good anyway.
And yesterday, Memorial Day, was absolutely beautiful.  Spectacular weather.  We did a few projects around the house and, as you must do on Memorial Day, did a little grilling.  It was a great day.  Alex played under a "tent" on the deck while Chris and I ate lunch.  He had a grand time.  His little face just gets more and more expressive every day...but you don't have to take my word for it.  :)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Six Months - Happy Half-Birthday Alex!

Halfway to a year!  Has it really only been six months?  In some ways it feels like it's gone by in a flash, in other ways it seems like Alex Henry has been with us forever.
You make your mom and dad so happy Al...Happy Half-Bday big guy!  :)
Size: 6 month well-visit isn't until Wednesday so I'll know his stats for sure then.  Last time I weighed him he was 18 pounds, 9 ounces, which means he already met the goal of doubling his birth weight by six months.  I'll guess that he's around 19 pounds.  We tried to measure his length and it only showed 27 inches, which is what he was at his 4 month check-up.  Surely he's longer than that...his toes hang off the end of his carseat!

Likes: Alex likes playing with his toys, standing in the stander, bouncing in the bouncer, sitting in his highchair.  He likes eating solid food!  More on that in a bit.  He really enjoys gnawing on boardbooks (and occasionally looking at them), chewing on Sophie, and biting on his linky chains (do you see a pattern? I think we're definitely teething this time).  He loves blowing bubbles and doing "push-ups".  He's also found his feet and enjoys playing with them.

Dislikes: Being in the carseat for too long, staying up past his bedtime.

Sleeping and Eating: Alex took 3 bottles from Chris the other day!  I had to go to an all-day workshop and Alex did great.  We introduced solid foods about two weeks ago and Alex loved them almost from day one.  By about day 3 of solid foods (we started with sweet potatoes) he really seemed to enjoy eating.  We moved onto applesauce (although he likes it warm, not cold), and now green beans.  He didn't grimace at all when he tried his first bite of green beans...he loves them!
6 Months Old - May 5, 2013
"I love my feet!"

"I'm going to be tall!"

Mommy's little angel.  :)

Whoops!  Dad entered the room.  "Hi, Dad!"

Loves doing push-ups...getting so strong.

So happy!