Thursday, April 25, 2013

4 years old!

Our marriage, that is!  :)

Chris and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on April 18.  I think a happy marriage is the best gift we can ever give Alex.  It's so important to take time to spend with just each other and in that spirit, we were very excited to have Nana and Grandpa (aka Mary Pat and Jay) come down to visit the weekend before our anniversary!

That meant we could go out for a nice, baby-free anniversary dinner, right?

Nope.  :)  We fully intended to, but Saturday evening rolled around and we were too tired to leave the house.  Oh well!  We so enjoyed just visiting with Chris' parents.  It was great to see y'all!

I ended up having to take Al to the pediatrician due to some unexpected hives on our actual anniversary, but we were able to have a nice dinner nonetheless.  And don't worry, Alex is totally fine!

We always make something Cajun or Italian for our anniversary, and this year we went Italian.  We've finally really started making fresh pasta.  And it's DELICIOUS.  We also made homemade vodka sauce, which is so yummy and spicy, even though we never actually had it while on our honeymoon (it's an Italian-American dish).

We're even wearing matching sweaters.  I guess that happens when you've been together  almost eight years.  :)

I picked up some dessert from Varano's Bakery in Bethel.  Cheesecake and cannoli pie, both excellent but the latter was definitely my favorite!  And, of course, a little wine.  See my tiny glass?  That's my breastfeeding-momma sized portion.  :)

And I just can't sign off without a cute picture of my boys.  Loves of my life!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Five Months

Five months old!  Such a big boy!  Alex just gets more fun to play with every day.  He is such a happy baby and gets compliments to that regard everywhere we go.  I do tell those individuals that if they were to come to our house around 6:30 pm they might see a very different baby!  :)
Size: Almost 18 pounds!  My arms get tired carrying him around.  He's really too heavy to carry around in the car seat at this point, so he's either in my arms or strapped to my chest in the k'tan or Ergo carrier.  He's also enjoying riding in his stroller.

Likes: Rolling over.  And he likes it a lot.  He started rolling from tummy to back a few weeks ago and last week mastered the "back-to-tummy" roll.  Unfortunately he can't combine the two movements, which is why we find him yelling at 2:00 a.m. for us to come get him off his tummy!  He also enjoys his new stander and can move his feet and arms to spin all the way around it, so he can try all the different toys.

Dislikes:  Being stuck on his tummy, when we are out of sight for too long, bottles.  We've been trying to get him to take to a bottle again and it's not happening.  Oh well!  He got to come to a board meeting with me yesterday.  They loved him.  :)  Oh, and he also doesn't enjoy the teeth that are apparently trying to make their way to the surface, but what baby does?

Sleeping and Eating:  Generally still sleeping through the night, although the rolling has put a kink in that.  Just a cat napper.  Naps, though he'll go down at least three times a day, aren't for longer than 15 or 20 minutes.  He's still gaining and growing with just 100% breast milk, so we'll wait one more month on solids.  In the past few days he has started showing a serious interest in what Chris and I have on our plates!
5 Months - 4/5/2013

"Just chillaxin', my favorite way to hang out!"

"Let me tell you all about it!"

Look at those beautiful eyes! 

My love.

And the rollover!  End of photo shoot.  :)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Finger-lickin' good!

Alex attended his first PCA meeting Tuesday night. That's the Porsche Club of America for those of you not into German engineering. :) He wore his onesie from our friend Heather and looked pretty adorable. But don't just take my word for it!

They always serve dinner at the meetings. This month it was at a garage called Speedsport Tuning in Danbury and they served a catered meal of BBQ ribs. Not a meal I could eat one-handed so I didn't have any but Chris said they were great! And even though Chris wiped off his hands before taking Al, I think Alex REALLY enjoyed his first taste of rib sauce...just like any good half-Texan should. :)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

What a great Easter weekend!  Alex is at such a fun age right now, just smiling and laughing and rolling all over the place.  He'd been able to roll over from tummy to back for several weeks...but now he can roll from his back to his tummy too!  Good luck trying to get him to lie still for any amount of time!  :)
Hanging out on Good Friday.
 (Nope we haven't gotten a second dog- that's Gracie, and we're dogsitting.  :)
Walk at Jennings Beach in was beautiful but WINDY!
Saturday we used our free lift tickets at Ski Sundown. What a perfect day for spring skiing! Alex and I hung out in the lodge for the morning.  We pretty much had the upstairs area to ourselves, and Alex had a blast.  :)
Dad taking a ski break!

Our view from the lodge.

And Alex got to meet the Easter Bunny!  He didn't seem fazed.  I don't think he realized the bunny was different than any other person he gets handed to.

Happy Easter!
Little boy with a big chocolate bunny.

So handsome.  :)  Happy Easter from Alex Henry!