Saturday, December 7, 2013

13 Months - Giving Thanks, Picking a Tree, and Meeting Santa

13 Months

Love this expression!
Size:  At Alex's 12-month well visit he weighed 21 pounds, 14 ounces and was still 28 3/4 inches long.  I have a hard time believing he hasn't grown in length in the past three months.  He gave the nurse a tough time with that measuring device, however, and kept curling his body into a letter "C" shape!  He is still wearing 12-month clothes.

Likes:  Baths are a good time again!  Thank goodness.  He loves giving hugs, and stopping to lay his head in your lap when he needs a quick break.

Dislikes:  Having his diaper changed, being wiped, getting dressed...basically anything that requires us to hold him still!

Sleeping:  Still occasionally skipping his morning nap, but he gets almost 12 hours of sleep every night so at least one nap will probably go soon.

Eating:  Alex is still super into carbs and cheese.  He tried graham crackers on Thanksgiving and will now attack any red box he sees (like the Cream of Wheat box, the Aunt Jemima box, etc.) because he thinks it's the graham cracker box.  I made him macaroni and cheese (remember when I said he loved carbs and cheese?) and, shocker, he's completely obsessed with it.  :)  He still eats his veggies too though!  Not too excited about meat, ever.

So excited our little peanut is 13 months old!  Life is awfully busy when you're one.  Over the past few weeks Al had his first bout of roseola (with a 104.1 fever) and only wanted Daddy.

He celebrated his 2nd Thanksgiving at home with just mom and dad.  He enjoyed cheesecake and sweet potatoes, but did not care for turkey or dressing.  We tried explaining to him that dressing is really just a lot of bread (yum, carbs!) but he didn't buy it.

Alex got to pick out his first Christmas tree!  We go to Paproski's Farm every year, but last year we bought a pre-cut, since he was so tiny and it was cold and rainy that day.  This year was his first time to walk around and pick the perfect tree.  As you can see from the second, third, and fourth photos, it was a less than stellar experience for him.  I can't blame him for being grumpy- it was really cold that day!

And last, but certainly not least, Alex got to meet Santa.  Much like the cut-your-own tree experience, it was not the jolly meeting I thought it would be.  In fact, he cried so hard and grabbed Chris' arm so tightly we couldn't even hand him over to Santa!  We'll try again in 2014.  :)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Twelve Months - Happy Birthday, Alex Henry!

Wow.  Little man is a year old!  It came and went so fast it almost doesn't feel like it happened.  But here we are, a week later, and we definitely have a one year old boy sleeping soundly in his room upstairs!  He looks and acts more like a little boy and less like a baby every day, but he will (of course) always be my baby.
We had a wonderful time celebrating his first birthday!  Friends came over for chili the Sunday before his birthday.  Alex was a bit overwhelmed (at one point he crawled, crying, through a tangle of grown-up legs to find me in the kitchen) but he ended up having lots of fun despite missing both naps that day.
Both Chris and I took the day off for his actual birthday and headed down to the Norwalk Aquarium.  I wasn't sure if Alex would notice or care about what was at the aquarium, since most of it he wouldn't be able to touch, but he LOVED it.  He laughed at the seals, giggled when the sting rays would come up and splash him, and loved looking through the glass and "touching" all the fish.  It was a beautiful, perfect day.
Size:  One-year well visit on Wednesday...I will give you an update then!  Currently wearing 12-month clothes (and 12-18 months in Gap/Old Navy).
Likes:  Playing with toilet paper.  All of our rolls of toilet paper are now off their holder and sitting on the top of the tank.  :)  Using baby sign language for "more"...over and over again!  Turning the volume up on the living room stereo.
Dislikes:  Baths, although the last one was a bit better thanks to an adorable birthday present from Alex's little buddy Adrian.  He always protests a bit when he's put into the carseat now too (he doesn't like being constrained).
Sleeping:  Still sleeping like a champ, good boy.  Will  occasionally skip his morning nap though.
Eating:  Alex is all about CHEESE.  I eventually have to cut him off, because he just constantly requests "more".  Same with Cheerios.  He has a beautiful little pincer grasp, but won't use it and will instead rake up handfuls of Cheerios and stuff them in his mouth.  Oh well!  We'll work on table manners later!
Alex is drinking whole milk during the day!  We are still nursing in the morning and before bed, and sometimes in the afternoon.  But we slowly transitioned to cups of whole milk during the day and he's doing great.  Such a big boy!
(Thanks to Daylight Savings, it has been tough getting good twelve month pictures.  I will try again this weekend!)
12 Months

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!

Oh, yep, this isn't bad!

Alex and some of his buds- Joshua, Adrian, and Seamus (unfortunately I took this pic at the end of the party and some of his other buddies had already left!)

At the aquarium!

I don't like how that shark is eyeing our boy!
"Hey Bailey, why you wearing that on your head?"

We love you so much, Alexander Henry!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Eleven Months

Eleven months old!  In some ways it seems like it should be a lot longer than that, but most of the time I shake my head and can't believe he's almost a year old.
Alex, you are such a good boy.  I tell people all the time what a good baby we have.  And in return, they tell me what a beautiful, handsome boy we have.  They are so right.  :)
Size:  9-month clothes are just a touch too small, 12-month clothes still a tad on the bigger size.  He's right in between where he can wear both though.  I actually just bought his Halloween costume (after planning to sew one, I couldn't pass up the one I found for just $15) and it's a 9-month.
Likes:  Still loves standing and pulling up on everything.  He has also taken to wiggling under, over, around and through any small space he can.  He particularly enjoys crawling underneath the bar stools in the kitchen and over the bottom beam of the dining room table.  He loves being outside.  He loves touching things that are soft like Bailey, and the rug his Nana made that hangs on the wall.  He wants to explore anything and everything, which is so much fun to watch.  He has a great time in the kitchen cabinets!
Dislikes:  Being hungry.  And still doesn't enjoy having his face or bottom wiped.
Sleeping:  Alex is sleeping later in the mornings than ever before (which isn't great for mom's work schedule, ha!).  He'll make noises, but is still pretty sleepy and just content to rest.  He usually doesn't fuss until I'm actually in his room ready to nurse him, and then he pops right up from his crib.
Eating:  After a brief hiatus from purees, he is tolerating them again.  So he's back to having oatmeal at breakfast and some pureed vegetables at lunch, along with finger foods at those meal times.  And dinner is pretty much all finger foods.  He loves Cheerios (puffs are a thing of the past), cheese, banana and pear, and lots of different veggies.  He thinks bread is great, as well as ice cream.  And we've set the bar for ice cream pretty high, since he's only had Ferris Acres.  :)
My goal was to nurse for a year, like the AAP recommends, but Alex doesn't seem anywhere near ready to wean himself (although we are down to just four times a day).  Fingers crossed he decides on his own!  At least the middle of the day feedings, when I'm at work, will be easier to drop.
Such a big boy!

I see this look a lot.  Wonder what he's thinking?

So fascinated by every little thing.

"Oh, hello up there mom!"

Typical pic of the brothers- Bailey waiting patiently for something to eat, Alex laughing and giggling in the background.  Love.  :)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Ten Months

Little man is 10 months old!  Double digits, y'all.  He's growing up before our very eyes!  Such a happy, healthy baby boy.  Couldn't ask for more.
Size:  At his nine month visit he was almost 29 inches long and almost 20 pounds.  Still 75th percentile for length but dropped down to 50th percentile for weight.  The pediatrician has no concerns, however, since Al started out life with a hefty head start (ahem, nine pounds, three ounces).  But what's funny is that a lot of his 9-month long-sleeved onesies and long pants that I'd put away for the summer...I can actually put on him again!  They're snug, but they'll do until we get some more cool weather clothes.  He fits perfectly into 12-month clothing.
He has also graduated to his "big boy" carseat.  He looks much more comfortable in it!  He hasn't outgrown his infant carseat, though, so now we have a seat in Chris' car too which works out great.
Likes:  Pulling up to standing on everything, and climbing onto and over everything.  He loves eating puffs now (they're pretty much the only finger food he cares for at the moment).  He loves his teachers and classmates at school!  He loves exploring and touching what's around him.
Dislikes:  Alex has loved baths since day one, but the past few weeks he has not enjoyed having his hair washed.  Not sure what to do about that.  He also hates having his nose wiped or face cleaned.  Or having his bottom wiped either.  Hmm...are you sensing a pattern here?  :)  He also immediately bursts into tears when left on the other side of the baby gate at the top of the stairs.
Sleeping:  Sleeping through the night again.  The interrupted nights must have been due to teething, as he finally has two bottom teeth!  He's doing well taking his morning nap and afternoon nap at school, even without the blackout curtains and silent room he has at home.  Phew.
Eating:  He loves squeeze pouches.  He'll get one for dinner if we're out and sometimes for snack he has applesauce from a pouch.  Still mostly pureed foods, but now that he has those two bottom teeth I'm going to try and give him chunkier textures.  As I mentioned earlier, he really, REALLY likes puffs.  :)
September 5, 2013 - 10 Months Old

"Hey, who's there?"


Handsome baby boy.

"What shoe?  I didn't see any shoe."

Monday, August 5, 2013

Nine Months

Nine months old today!  Alex has been outside my belly almost as long as he was inside it.  Unbelievable!  He's crawling everywhere and pulling up on anything.  He loves to explore, laugh, and yell.  We've been trying to limit the yelling but he just doesn't seem to understand "no" yet.  :)
Size:  His 9 month check-up is next Tuesday so we'll find out his stats then.  I feel that his weight gain has slowed down considerably (even his belly and cheeks look slimmer to me), but he seems really, really long.  His car seat maxes out at 32 inches so I'm curious how close he is to that (he's nowhere near its 30 pound weight limit, though.)  He fits perfectly into 9-month clothes and 12-month clothes, but he's more comfortable in 12-month pajamas.  He needs another haircut.
Likes:  Playing with the hearth, pulling up on the coffee table, opening the kitchen cabinets.  Crawling over the big step into the sitting room is a favorite too.  Are you sensing a pattern?  He has no fear.  :)  He tried a swing on the playground for the first time and thought it was great.  He loves meal times and drinking water from a straw cup.  He loved being at the lake!  And he loves pushing the kitchen trashcan around.
Dislikes:  Staying in one place.  And when I try to get him to lay down in the bath so I can rinse his hair, he grabs both sides of the tub and makes himself as rigid as a piece of plywood!  He also doesn't quite know what to make of grass.  Probably because I'm completely terrified of tick bites and always have him on a blanket.  I promise to plunk him down in the lawn a little more.  :)
Sleeping and Eating:  He really does love to eat.  He'll eat anything pureed (we're currently trying yellow squash and blueberries are up next), but he doesn't know what to do when I give him little pieces of banana.  He still has zero teeth, so maybe once he gets a few he'll want his food a little chunkier?  Only time will tell.
Alex has become a good napper.  If we're home, he takes a morning nap and a longish afternoon nap.  If we're out, he just catnaps.  He's been wanting to stay up later (probably because of all the napping) but he still wakes up by at least 6:00.  The past few weeks he woke up a lot during the night, and I think it's because the teeth are coming.  He wasn't hungry when he woke up, just sad.  But last night he didn't wake up at all so who knows?  He's a mystery!
9 Months - August 5, 2013

I love the wrinkle face!

Standing?  Crawling?  He can't decide.

Crawling is exhausting.  :)

What a big boy!
"Better take it quick, mom, I'm about to crawl away from you!"

my sweet boy!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Eight Months

Al is no longer my teeny baby.  He can traverse the entire length of the first floor (living room and kitchen) in no time.  He eats like a horse.  He grunts and makes noises like a little man.  He has the best personality and is so much fun to hang out with.  :)
Size:  Not sure exactly, will know next month at the pediatrician's office.  He seems very long to me all of a sudden, though, when I see other people holding him.  He has tall parents so that makes sense.
Likes:  Alex LOVES splashing in Bailey's water bowl.  He loves it.  So much so that I actually moved Bailey's bowls into the dining room last night (you really can't teach an old dog new tricks...poor B still goes to the old spot first).  Alex loves waving (he's a little mimic!), scooting, and trying to crawl on all fours.  He's not there quite yet!  He loves eating, going for walks, being outside.  He loves all things he shouldn't play with- the computer modem, the hearth for the pellet stove, heavy dresser drawers.  You know- he's a boy!

Dislikes:  Being pulled away from things he shouldn't play with (he tends to go right back).
Sleeping and Eating:  Alex has started taking a morning nap and an afternoon nap, fairly regularly.  Morning is at least 45 minutes, afternoon is at least an hour and a half.  (Can I get an amen?)  But if we're out and about and miss those times, he does okay as well and just catnaps.  Still an early riser.  He kind of sings/groans to himself when he's going down for a nap in the crib, same as he does in the car.  It's adorable.
He gets three meals a day now.  Oatmeal and fruit for breakfast, 2 cubes of veggies and some fruit for lunch, and three cubes of veggies and some fruit for dinner.  We're about to try our first meat, chicken, on Friday.  That'll really shake things up!  :)

8 Months Old - July 5, 2013

"Dad, why is she still taking these pics?  Doesn't she know I'm just going to roll over and scoot away?"

Al's newest trick: waving.  He even does it on facetime!

"But I don't want to wave for the camera!!"
He is thisclose to crawling.

And still with the bottom lip.  Chris says that bottom lip appeared 10 minutes after Alex was born.  :)