Sunday, December 23, 2012

Nicer in Newtown

Nicer in Newtown.  That's our town motto, and we've always believed it to be true.  Five years ago when we went searching for a home to buy and a new hometown to call our own, we didn't know much about Newtown.  We bought our house, moved in, and almost immediately realized that we'd indeed picked the perfect place.  For a town that was nestled into Fairfield County, one of the wealthiest in the country due to its proximity to NYC, Newtown was refreshingly charming and down-to-earth.  Everyone really was just nicer in Newtown.  When people ask us how we like living in Newtown, our answer has always been "We love it.".  And we do.

We used to read the Newtown Bee, the local paper, every Saturday morning at our favorite coffee shop in Sandy Hook.  We would actually laugh at the police beat section on the second page, with headlines like "Audi vs. Deer", or "Pick-up vs. Flag Pole".  Was there ever any real crime in Newtown, we wondered?  No, and that was just one more thing that we loved about living here.

When we brought Alex home from the hospital six weeks ago, Chris and I talked about how lucky we are that we get to raise our son in this incredible place: wonderful community, fantastic schools, safe environment.  What an amazing place to grow up.

Then came last week's unimaginable tragedy.

It shook us to the core, and we are still grieving.  How could such an evil act have transpired just a few miles away?  Like everyone else around the world, our hearts are broken for these families.  That night, when I would wake up to nurse Alex, I found that I couldn't put him back in his crib once he was asleep.  I just held him tight, for all the mothers who would never again be able to squeeze their sweet babies.

I was terrified to think of him growing up in a world where things like could happen to its most innocent.  But as paralyzing a thought as that is, and even with everything that's happened, I know that Newtown will still be an amazing place for Alex to grow up.  And the outpouring of love that Newtown has received from around the globe is more evidence that there is absolutely more good in this world than evil.

Yesterday, Chris, Alex and I went back to our favorite coffee shop.  Demitasse Cafe is right in the heart of Sandy Hook. The quiet cafe was a far cry from the bustling media center it had been just the week before. While Chris took Alex to a table, I ordered two cups of their house blend. When I pulled out a five to pay, the cashier told me it was taken care of and pointed to the window. On the window were paper hearts with names and locations from all over the country. Each person had called the shop and donated money just to buy coffee for people they didn't know and would probably never meet.

I know it's only coffee.   Even so, I was touched that strangers took the time to make this gesture.  They are trying to help the town heal any way they can and for that, everyone is so thankful.  Yes, even in the little things...good definitely wins.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

One Month

Can't believe our little Alex is one month old today!  The time has literally flown by, I really don't know how else to describe it.  I thought I was prepared for that, since everyone warned me of how fast the time would pass and how quickly babies change, but even with the advance notice, it's still a shock.  He's already four weeks old!  Still can't believe it.
Size: Alex doesn't go back to the pediatrician until January for his two-month check-up, but I am going to guess that he is already nearing 11 pounds.  He was 9 lbs, 14 oz at his two-week visit and he is feeling so heavy lately when we pick him up!  He has outgrown all newborn clothes and fits perfectly into 0-3 month clothes.  When the sleeves are slightly rolled up, he can wear 3-6 month clothes as well.  At his two-week appointment he was in the 90th percentile for length...this kiddo is going to be tall like his daddy!
Likes: Being held!  Alex still naps the best in someone's arms, which is going to be a big problem since my parents left to drive home this morning!  He took one solid 30-minute nap at 11:30, where I was able to eat lunch, but he hasn't done much napping since.  And he's crying in the bassinet already...have to to finish this post later!
And I'm back.  :)  Alex also likes, actually he loves, his swing.  We weren't sure if we'd even register for one but decided to add it and luckily, my friend Pam gave it to me at my shower.  We don't like to leave him in it for too long, but it's the perfect thing for when he's a little fussy but we need to put him down.  He enjoys being carried around in the Baby K'tan and rides in the car.  And he LOVES baths!  It's the cutest thing!  He liked his sponge baths too but really enjoys hanging out in the baby bathtub.  He gets totally relaxed.  :)
Dislikes: Currently Alex dislikes napping during the day, which unfortunately hasn't translated to sleeping longer stretches at night.  We're hopeful though!  He also dislikes being put into his car seat (but is fine once we start going).
Sleeping and Eating: I was getting at least one three or three-and-a-half hour stretch of sleep at night but the past few nights he's been getting up more frequently.  I assume he's going through a growth spurt, since he wants to eat at least every two hours during the day (unless he's happily sleeping in someone's arms and then he doesn't realize he's hungry at all.)
He is just perfection and we love him so!  Here are some pics I took today to mark his one-month birthday...he is so squeezably delicious!  :)


12/5/2012 - One Month

12/5/2012 - One Month