Sunday, October 28, 2012

H is for Hurricane

I can't say that I considered hurricanes, tropical storms, or nor'easters when we wrote our "birth plan"!  Officials have cancelled school for the next two days and everyone is getting ready to "hunker down" and ride out the storm.

Did I mention that today is our official due date?

When given our due date, I did think about the huge October snowstorm we had last year at this time, the one where we lost power for three days, but figured we would be fine because lightning doesn't strike twice and all, right?  Oh well!  We've done all we can do to prepare, for the baby and the storm, and the rest is out of our hands.

We've been asked if we've considered the names "Sandy", "Stormy", or "Wendy".  :)  As timely as that would be, we've had our names pegged down for awhile:

Dear Alexander or Annabelle,

Today is October 28, your due date.  Maybe you didn't hear?  I realize that you must be quite cozy inside Mommy's tummy but your Daddy and I are getting impatient to meet you!  We can't wait to hold you for the very first time and bring you home.

Don't worry about "Superstorm" Sandy.  If you decide to come tonight or tomorrow, your Daddy has a chainsaw and he is not afraid to use it!  Nothing will stand in the way of us getting to the hospital so you can be brought into this world safely.

However, as much as we want to meet you, Daddy requests that you do your best to wait until at least Tuesday.  :)

Halloween is Wednesday...what a fun birthday that would be!  Just a little something to keep in mind.  Can't wait to see you soon.

Lots of love,
Your Mom and Dad

Thursday, October 25, 2012

N is for Nursery

Well, it's day #4 of my maternity leave and Baby Gibson is still not here!  Chris keeps reminding me that my due date is not until Sunday but still- I sort of thought he or she would be here by now.  :)  Luckily there are always lots of things around the house to keep me busy, like finally sharing some pics of the nursery!

I went back and forth between finishing the nursery or waiting until the baby arrives so it can be gender specific, but I finally decided to just do it.  Babies need color, so I figured I would just combine a lot of happy colors and happy animals- very gender neutral.  :)  The walls are a pretty light green, more green in person than shows up in the pics.

This is Chris' twin bed from when he was growing up and the armoire we found on Craig's list.
On top is the sweet giraffe from Aunt Caroline!

Eventually the stroller (a gift from Nana and Grandpa Gibson!) will be downstairs  and the rocking chair will be in this corner.  My parents are bringing it with them when they make the loooong drive up from Arkansas.  On top of the little bookshelf (which was also Chris' and still needs to be painted to match the bed) is the diaper bag from my sistah.  I love it Lizzie!  Thank you again.  :)

I skipped a bumper and quilt since babies aren't supposed to have those things in their cribs anyway.  I made the crib skirt to coordinate with the mobile, and the fitted sheet is covered with, you guessed it, more animals!

The dresser doubles as a changing table.  The little basket on the side is already filled with diapers and wipes.  We figure we'll wait til the baby is a bit bigger before we start with the cloth diapers.

The nursery isn't the only part of the house that is ready for Baby G, however.  The downstairs also has little hints everywhere that a baby will be here soon.  Bailey is still unsure what to make of all the new stuff.

Carseat in the sitting room, ready to be installed in the car.

Bassinet in the living room, waiting for a teeny occupant.

Highchair in the dining room (although Baby G won't be able to sit in it this Thanksgiving or Christmas!)

Baby bathtub tucked behind the espresso maker in the kitchen.

We decided to make last Saturday night our big date-night-slash-last-night-out-as-DINKS (dual-income-no-kids).  We went to La Zingara Ristorante in Bethel, which was fantastic.

I could not indulge in my favorite thing on their menu (the espresso martini!) but I did have a wonderful meal and dessert.

We took a pic before heading out to belly really DOES look so heavy I need Chris' help to hold it up!  :)

Come on Baby Gibson...we are officially ready to meet you!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

S is for Shower

We feel so fortunate and blessed to have received gifts and well wishes from lots of family and friends over the past few months, and especially so on September 16.  I was given a baby shower at Wilton Baptist Church, organized by my friend Kristina, who moved back to Tennessee just a few weeks ago. So glad she was still here to celebrate with all of us!

The shower was held right after church, which is why there are a few dads in this pic.  They took their sons home right after lunch and before presents, while the daughters got to stay for the shower festivities!  :)

Margarite, at the right of the picture, was due with a baby boy just a week and a half ahead of me.  She had her baby boy, Eric Brian, on FRIDAY!  So happy for her.

I don't typically enjoy being the center of attention, but it was awfully fun opening all the cute gifts for Baby Gibson! 
The Bundle Me!  Now the baby will be extra warm this winter.

I'm excited about the "Sweet Island Dreams" crib mobile Chris picked out...clearly Lenore is as well.  :)

When I got home, Chris (and Bailey) got to help put everything together!

September 16, 2012 - 34 weeks and still growing!