Friday, September 21, 2012


Ever since we found out we were going to add another member to the family, we've been doing even more projects around the house than usual!  And not just to the office-turned-nursery.  For some reason, discovering we were pregnant made us want to fix up lots of things!  Here's just a sampling.

This is our downstairs half bath.  I've never loved the color (it was just leftover paint that Chris used after he put up new drywall) and we've always hated the sink.  So, a little gray paint, a new mirror, and a transfer of the sink from the guest bathroom upstairs...and we love it!

We actually traded out the sink from the guest bathroom because Chris found the vanity below on Craigslist for such a great deal.  We went to a local granite place and picked out a gorgeous remnant, under mount sink, and sleek faucet.

Our guest bathroom now has the prettiest sink in the house!

This was a project I've had on my "to-do" list ever since we moved in.  This door used to be the door to the old deck, but never gets used now because we have sliders that lead out to the new deck.  I've always wanted to replace the door with a window, but didn't know if that was feasible (how much would it cost, could we find a matching window, did we have enough leftover siding, etc.).

Fast forward to 2012.  The door frame was rotting on the outside and had to be replaced.  So, we resigned ourselves to the fact that we'd just replace the ugly door with a slightly less ugly one.  But it would remain an out-of-place door.  Luckily, Chris' friend Mike (the carpenter) could tell that what we really wanted was a window and said the labor cost would actually be about the same!  Once we found siding in the shed outside and knew the windows were still current, we were all set to go.

Here is the before (although Chris had already started tearing down the trim to measure the opening):

Mike took out the old door, put in the window, and fixed up the siding on the outside.  Chris did all the trim work, with a little help from his dad:


Doesn't it look amazing?!!  It looks the way it always should have.  I'll have to take a better after picture soon so you can really see how it looks in the room.  It's a million times better, trust me!

Sadly, Old Blue (Chris' 1993 Chevy pick-up with almost a quarter of a million miles on it), tuckered out last month.  She made it possible for us to bring home our baby furniture from Craigslist, and pick up the new window for the living room.  She will be missed....may she rest in peace.  :)