Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy 2012!

Happy New Year!  Is it really almost March?  Where is the year going?!  After a quiet Christmas here in CT, I went down to Texas to celebrate the upcoming birth of my new niece McKinlee.  So fun!  And then just a few weeks ago, Chris and I headed down to St. John for the second February in a row to escape the harsh New England winter.  Which actually hasn't been so harsh this year, but that didn't make it any less enjoyable!

After the travel debacle last Christmas, which subsequently caused Chris and I to spend Christmas apart, we decided to just spend the holidays up here in CT.  I had just seen my family in August and knew I would be headed down to TX for Liz's shower in January, and I didn't want a repeat of last year.  While I did miss being with our families, thanks to Skype I felt like we were right there.  We loved it!

We went to the Christmas Eve service at church, and on Christmas Day went over to have dinner with some friends and their two cute little kids.  Wonderful, restful holiday.  We had other friends over for New Year's Eve and then, you won't believe this, we stayed up until midnight.  You read that right.  We went with our friends Paul and Elizabeth to a party in Bethel and actually rang in the new year, which we haven't done in a few years.  Something about being in the White Mountains for the new year makes us fall asleep well before midnight.  :)

A few weeks into the new year it was time to go to Texas!  I hadn't been back in almost three years so it was great to see my family, check out Liz's new house and eat copious amounts of Tex-Mex.  Liz's shower was that Saturday.  She got everything she needed and more!!!  It was fabulous.

The visit was, of course, way too short and I didn't get to see everyone I wanted to.  I was happy to spend a morning visiting with my friend Erica (who I have known for almost 20 years!  crazy.  we met in 6th grade art class.).  Her new home is beautiful!  My mom, Kaylee, Liz and I all drove to Houston another evening to visit with Cari, who was just a few weeks ahead of Liz at the time.  Cari had her baby last Wednesday!  A beautiful baby girl they named Lia Marie.  Can't wait to meet her!

As for Lizzie, her official due date is March 5, and as you can see from the pic below...she is ready!  Come on, McKinlee Ann!  We're all waiting for you!  :)