Sunday, December 23, 2012

Nicer in Newtown

Nicer in Newtown.  That's our town motto, and we've always believed it to be true.  Five years ago when we went searching for a home to buy and a new hometown to call our own, we didn't know much about Newtown.  We bought our house, moved in, and almost immediately realized that we'd indeed picked the perfect place.  For a town that was nestled into Fairfield County, one of the wealthiest in the country due to its proximity to NYC, Newtown was refreshingly charming and down-to-earth.  Everyone really was just nicer in Newtown.  When people ask us how we like living in Newtown, our answer has always been "We love it.".  And we do.

We used to read the Newtown Bee, the local paper, every Saturday morning at our favorite coffee shop in Sandy Hook.  We would actually laugh at the police beat section on the second page, with headlines like "Audi vs. Deer", or "Pick-up vs. Flag Pole".  Was there ever any real crime in Newtown, we wondered?  No, and that was just one more thing that we loved about living here.

When we brought Alex home from the hospital six weeks ago, Chris and I talked about how lucky we are that we get to raise our son in this incredible place: wonderful community, fantastic schools, safe environment.  What an amazing place to grow up.

Then came last week's unimaginable tragedy.

It shook us to the core, and we are still grieving.  How could such an evil act have transpired just a few miles away?  Like everyone else around the world, our hearts are broken for these families.  That night, when I would wake up to nurse Alex, I found that I couldn't put him back in his crib once he was asleep.  I just held him tight, for all the mothers who would never again be able to squeeze their sweet babies.

I was terrified to think of him growing up in a world where things like could happen to its most innocent.  But as paralyzing a thought as that is, and even with everything that's happened, I know that Newtown will still be an amazing place for Alex to grow up.  And the outpouring of love that Newtown has received from around the globe is more evidence that there is absolutely more good in this world than evil.

Yesterday, Chris, Alex and I went back to our favorite coffee shop.  Demitasse Cafe is right in the heart of Sandy Hook. The quiet cafe was a far cry from the bustling media center it had been just the week before. While Chris took Alex to a table, I ordered two cups of their house blend. When I pulled out a five to pay, the cashier told me it was taken care of and pointed to the window. On the window were paper hearts with names and locations from all over the country. Each person had called the shop and donated money just to buy coffee for people they didn't know and would probably never meet.

I know it's only coffee.   Even so, I was touched that strangers took the time to make this gesture.  They are trying to help the town heal any way they can and for that, everyone is so thankful.  Yes, even in the little things...good definitely wins.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

One Month

Can't believe our little Alex is one month old today!  The time has literally flown by, I really don't know how else to describe it.  I thought I was prepared for that, since everyone warned me of how fast the time would pass and how quickly babies change, but even with the advance notice, it's still a shock.  He's already four weeks old!  Still can't believe it.
Size: Alex doesn't go back to the pediatrician until January for his two-month check-up, but I am going to guess that he is already nearing 11 pounds.  He was 9 lbs, 14 oz at his two-week visit and he is feeling so heavy lately when we pick him up!  He has outgrown all newborn clothes and fits perfectly into 0-3 month clothes.  When the sleeves are slightly rolled up, he can wear 3-6 month clothes as well.  At his two-week appointment he was in the 90th percentile for length...this kiddo is going to be tall like his daddy!
Likes: Being held!  Alex still naps the best in someone's arms, which is going to be a big problem since my parents left to drive home this morning!  He took one solid 30-minute nap at 11:30, where I was able to eat lunch, but he hasn't done much napping since.  And he's crying in the bassinet already...have to to finish this post later!
And I'm back.  :)  Alex also likes, actually he loves, his swing.  We weren't sure if we'd even register for one but decided to add it and luckily, my friend Pam gave it to me at my shower.  We don't like to leave him in it for too long, but it's the perfect thing for when he's a little fussy but we need to put him down.  He enjoys being carried around in the Baby K'tan and rides in the car.  And he LOVES baths!  It's the cutest thing!  He liked his sponge baths too but really enjoys hanging out in the baby bathtub.  He gets totally relaxed.  :)
Dislikes: Currently Alex dislikes napping during the day, which unfortunately hasn't translated to sleeping longer stretches at night.  We're hopeful though!  He also dislikes being put into his car seat (but is fine once we start going).
Sleeping and Eating: I was getting at least one three or three-and-a-half hour stretch of sleep at night but the past few nights he's been getting up more frequently.  I assume he's going through a growth spurt, since he wants to eat at least every two hours during the day (unless he's happily sleeping in someone's arms and then he doesn't realize he's hungry at all.)
He is just perfection and we love him so!  Here are some pics I took today to mark his one-month birthday...he is so squeezably delicious!  :)


12/5/2012 - One Month

12/5/2012 - One Month

Friday, November 16, 2012

A is for Alexander

If you read our blog odds are you already know that we welcomed a perfect little boy into the world almost two weeks ago!  Alexander Henry Gibson was born on Monday, November 5 at 8:30 in the morning at Danbury Hospital.  He weighed a whopping 9 lbs, 3 oz and was 21 1/2 inches long.  He is beautiful and perfect and there aren't words to describe how amazing it is to finally have him here with us.  It's been a whirlwind of a first week, but we are so incredibly blessed that Alex is finally here and he is happy and perfectly healthy.  We couldn't have asked for more.

I'd like to write his birth story down while it is still fresh, so if you don't feel like reading this long tale, just stop here!  It's mostly so Chris and I can remember that night and those first few moments with our son.

Alex was due on Sunday, October 28...the day that everyone was preparing for Superstorm Sandy to make landfall on the east coast.  Needless to say, Chris was extremely nervous about potentially driving me to the hospital during the storm.  He put me on unofficial "bed rest", hardly letting me do so much as get up from the couch to get a glass of water!  Lucky for all of us, Alex decided to stay put through Sandy.

On Sunday evening we lost power, which made us nervous all over again.  Would we end up going to the hospital only to bring a newborn home to a house with no electricity, running water or heat?  But being the smart little baby he is, Alex wisely decided to stay in my tummy for a bit longer.  We got power back on Friday!  We were able to pick up the house and re-stock the fridge on Saturday, even making a big pot of soup and batch of spaghetti sauce and meatballs so we'd have something to eat once Alex came.

We were scheduled for an induction on Monday, one day past 41 weeks.  But as it turns out, Alex wanted to come on his own time.  Sunday morning we woke up and got ready for church.  Our friend came over to get Bailey, thinking we'd be going to the hospital sometime the next day.  Riding to church in the Porsche, I started noticing "squeezes" way down low in my tummy.  They were uncomfortable, but not necessarily painful, so I didn't realize at first what they were.  Somewhere along the way, I noticed that they were almost exactly 6 minutes apart.  Hmm...maybe these were contractions after all!  I mentioned this to Chris but neither of us wanted to get too excited just in case, so we continued going about our day.  We went to church, then out to lunch with friends, and all the while I was still having contractions.

When we got home that afternoon we tried to rest and distract ourselves with a little Hulu.  Thank goodness for Saturday Night Live, as the contractions were starting to get painful!  :)  I called my doctor early that evening and she told me to come in with the contractions were about 4 minutes apart, or when I could no longer talk through them.  After a little more waiting at the house, I called once again a little after 7:00 to let them know we were on our way.  Was this really it?!  Or would they send us back home?  We had no idea, and couldn't wait to get to the hospital.

Leaving for the hospital...last time to be this big!

Chris is looking ready, excited, and a teeny bit nervous!

Once there, I was checked and found to be 3-4 cm already.  This was great news!  And meant that we were definitely not leaving the hospital again until we had a little baby with us.  :)  My doctor thought since I was doing so well that I shouldn't officially get checked into a room yet.  Rather than go home, Chris and I headed up to the 5th floor of the hospital to hang out near the conference room where we took all our classes.  Then we headed down to the first floor.  Then we sat outside, but only briefly as it it was REALLY cold that night.  Then back up to the 5th floor.  Lots of walking, lots of contractions!  Finally at around 10:00 I told Chris I was ready to be admitted.  Back up to the 3rd floor we went!

Over the next hour, we settled into our room and waited for our doula to arrive.  The nurse was monitoring me intermittently to make sure little Alex (though we didn't know he was Alex at the time!) was doing okay.  My doctor came in around 11:00 and found that I was now 5 cm.  Halfway there!

Once I was off the monitor, the nurse suggested I try out the tub.  Wow....did I love that tub.  They even had a monitor that could go in the water so I didn't have to get out for the nurse to monitor the baby's heartbeat!  It was great.  The lights were dim in the room and it was all very relaxing, or as relaxing as having contractions can be.  :)

Our doula, Monika, arrived around midnight.  She was terrific, had such a calming presence and really took care of both of us.  I was worried because Chris hadn't eaten dinner, and Monika brought him a sandwich and drinks (from where we still don't know!).  After the tub, she suggested I try a rocking chair, which I would never have thought of but was terrific to get through each contraction.  She turned on some relaxing music for me, got Chris a blanket and pillow so he could try to nap, and we all waited a bit until it was time to be checked again.

Around 4:30 a.m. my doctor came back.  I was 6-7 cm, which was progress, but considerably slower than they would like considering we were doing this all naturally.  My doctor suggested we either try Pitocin (which I really, really didn't want) or that she break my water to get things moving.  After a bit of debate, I decided she should break my water and Chris agreed.

I knew breaking my water would make the contractions stronger and more intense, but I had no idea how fast that would happen!  By 6:00 a.m. I was back in the tub but already wondering why I hadn't gone with the epidural.  :)  It wasn't quite the serene tub experience I'd had a few hours before!  But Chris was fantastic, and somehow we got through it.  The next time I was checked, maybe an hour later, I was already at 9 cm.  By this time I was out of the tub and on the bed.  Alex was turned the wrong way, not breach, but what they call "sunny side up", so I felt every contraction in my lower back.  Monika and the nurse had me turning this way and that, standing up, leaning over, doing everything they could think of to make the baby turn.

At this point the back pain was more than I could bear, but deep down I still didn't want an epidural (even though I was telling Chris I did).  Chris suggested the IV pain reliever was a good comprimise, which we were told would last about an hour and would slightly take the edge off, though I would still feel most of the pain.  It was just the thing to help me get that final centimeter.  It was still intensely painful, but more bearable.  At 7:00 a.m. we had to bid our nurse Tanya goodbye, who had been so great, and in came Virginia.  Shortly after she came on, I told her I feeling the urge to push.  She got Dr. Mirza, who told me that, at long last, I was at 10 cm.  It was go time!

We started pushing and during all this I must have heard the bell ring at least three times signaling that another baby had been born...very frustrating!  Pushing is no joke, and there were definitely times when I didn't think I could do it.  But Chris was so encouraging, as was Monika, the nurse, and doctors in the room (my doctor, a resident, and a med student).

The doctors asked me several times if I wanted a mirror so I could see, and I repeatedly told them "I really don't", which everyone in the room seemed to find funny for some reason, even my husband. Can't say I was laughing with them though!  :)  I had been told throughout the night that the baby would have his or her own nurse, but all the while I was pushing there was no baby nurse in the room.  I was thinking "they must think this will take forever if they haven't called for the nurse yet!".  I didn't realize they called the baby nurse only right before the baby was out. 

After about an hour of pushing, I heard someone say "call the baby nurse", and I saw my doctor and the resident doctor cover up their scrubs and I knew we had to be close.  After just a few more pushes, I heard everyone telling me to open my eyes and suddenly there was our baby right in front of me!  I heard Chris announce "it's a boy!" and they put baby Alex right on my chest.  It's a feeling that I can't even begin to describe and still makes me cry to think about.  He was so beautiful and perfect, and so BIG!  I couldn't believe how big he was.  The hospital staff was guessing high 8s, but when they finally took him away to be weighed he was 9 lbs, 3 oz.  What a big boy.

Beautiful baby boy :)

Wow, he was BIG!

Proud Daddy

Sweet baby all bathed and swaddled

First shot of the Gibson Family!

I loved watching Chris hold our son for the first time and seeing the joy that I felt mirrored on his face.  What an incredible experience.  We're of course exhausted and still getting the hang of this parenting thing, but we wouldn't change it for the world.  Alex is here, we are so in love with him, and we're now officially a family.  :)

Getting ready to go HOME :)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

H is for Hurricane

I can't say that I considered hurricanes, tropical storms, or nor'easters when we wrote our "birth plan"!  Officials have cancelled school for the next two days and everyone is getting ready to "hunker down" and ride out the storm.

Did I mention that today is our official due date?

When given our due date, I did think about the huge October snowstorm we had last year at this time, the one where we lost power for three days, but figured we would be fine because lightning doesn't strike twice and all, right?  Oh well!  We've done all we can do to prepare, for the baby and the storm, and the rest is out of our hands.

We've been asked if we've considered the names "Sandy", "Stormy", or "Wendy".  :)  As timely as that would be, we've had our names pegged down for awhile:

Dear Alexander or Annabelle,

Today is October 28, your due date.  Maybe you didn't hear?  I realize that you must be quite cozy inside Mommy's tummy but your Daddy and I are getting impatient to meet you!  We can't wait to hold you for the very first time and bring you home.

Don't worry about "Superstorm" Sandy.  If you decide to come tonight or tomorrow, your Daddy has a chainsaw and he is not afraid to use it!  Nothing will stand in the way of us getting to the hospital so you can be brought into this world safely.

However, as much as we want to meet you, Daddy requests that you do your best to wait until at least Tuesday.  :)

Halloween is Wednesday...what a fun birthday that would be!  Just a little something to keep in mind.  Can't wait to see you soon.

Lots of love,
Your Mom and Dad

Thursday, October 25, 2012

N is for Nursery

Well, it's day #4 of my maternity leave and Baby Gibson is still not here!  Chris keeps reminding me that my due date is not until Sunday but still- I sort of thought he or she would be here by now.  :)  Luckily there are always lots of things around the house to keep me busy, like finally sharing some pics of the nursery!

I went back and forth between finishing the nursery or waiting until the baby arrives so it can be gender specific, but I finally decided to just do it.  Babies need color, so I figured I would just combine a lot of happy colors and happy animals- very gender neutral.  :)  The walls are a pretty light green, more green in person than shows up in the pics.

This is Chris' twin bed from when he was growing up and the armoire we found on Craig's list.
On top is the sweet giraffe from Aunt Caroline!

Eventually the stroller (a gift from Nana and Grandpa Gibson!) will be downstairs  and the rocking chair will be in this corner.  My parents are bringing it with them when they make the loooong drive up from Arkansas.  On top of the little bookshelf (which was also Chris' and still needs to be painted to match the bed) is the diaper bag from my sistah.  I love it Lizzie!  Thank you again.  :)

I skipped a bumper and quilt since babies aren't supposed to have those things in their cribs anyway.  I made the crib skirt to coordinate with the mobile, and the fitted sheet is covered with, you guessed it, more animals!

The dresser doubles as a changing table.  The little basket on the side is already filled with diapers and wipes.  We figure we'll wait til the baby is a bit bigger before we start with the cloth diapers.

The nursery isn't the only part of the house that is ready for Baby G, however.  The downstairs also has little hints everywhere that a baby will be here soon.  Bailey is still unsure what to make of all the new stuff.

Carseat in the sitting room, ready to be installed in the car.

Bassinet in the living room, waiting for a teeny occupant.

Highchair in the dining room (although Baby G won't be able to sit in it this Thanksgiving or Christmas!)

Baby bathtub tucked behind the espresso maker in the kitchen.

We decided to make last Saturday night our big date-night-slash-last-night-out-as-DINKS (dual-income-no-kids).  We went to La Zingara Ristorante in Bethel, which was fantastic.

I could not indulge in my favorite thing on their menu (the espresso martini!) but I did have a wonderful meal and dessert.

We took a pic before heading out to belly really DOES look so heavy I need Chris' help to hold it up!  :)

Come on Baby Gibson...we are officially ready to meet you!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

S is for Shower

We feel so fortunate and blessed to have received gifts and well wishes from lots of family and friends over the past few months, and especially so on September 16.  I was given a baby shower at Wilton Baptist Church, organized by my friend Kristina, who moved back to Tennessee just a few weeks ago. So glad she was still here to celebrate with all of us!

The shower was held right after church, which is why there are a few dads in this pic.  They took their sons home right after lunch and before presents, while the daughters got to stay for the shower festivities!  :)

Margarite, at the right of the picture, was due with a baby boy just a week and a half ahead of me.  She had her baby boy, Eric Brian, on FRIDAY!  So happy for her.

I don't typically enjoy being the center of attention, but it was awfully fun opening all the cute gifts for Baby Gibson! 
The Bundle Me!  Now the baby will be extra warm this winter.

I'm excited about the "Sweet Island Dreams" crib mobile Chris picked out...clearly Lenore is as well.  :)

When I got home, Chris (and Bailey) got to help put everything together!

September 16, 2012 - 34 weeks and still growing!

Friday, September 21, 2012


Ever since we found out we were going to add another member to the family, we've been doing even more projects around the house than usual!  And not just to the office-turned-nursery.  For some reason, discovering we were pregnant made us want to fix up lots of things!  Here's just a sampling.

This is our downstairs half bath.  I've never loved the color (it was just leftover paint that Chris used after he put up new drywall) and we've always hated the sink.  So, a little gray paint, a new mirror, and a transfer of the sink from the guest bathroom upstairs...and we love it!

We actually traded out the sink from the guest bathroom because Chris found the vanity below on Craigslist for such a great deal.  We went to a local granite place and picked out a gorgeous remnant, under mount sink, and sleek faucet.

Our guest bathroom now has the prettiest sink in the house!

This was a project I've had on my "to-do" list ever since we moved in.  This door used to be the door to the old deck, but never gets used now because we have sliders that lead out to the new deck.  I've always wanted to replace the door with a window, but didn't know if that was feasible (how much would it cost, could we find a matching window, did we have enough leftover siding, etc.).

Fast forward to 2012.  The door frame was rotting on the outside and had to be replaced.  So, we resigned ourselves to the fact that we'd just replace the ugly door with a slightly less ugly one.  But it would remain an out-of-place door.  Luckily, Chris' friend Mike (the carpenter) could tell that what we really wanted was a window and said the labor cost would actually be about the same!  Once we found siding in the shed outside and knew the windows were still current, we were all set to go.

Here is the before (although Chris had already started tearing down the trim to measure the opening):

Mike took out the old door, put in the window, and fixed up the siding on the outside.  Chris did all the trim work, with a little help from his dad:


Doesn't it look amazing?!!  It looks the way it always should have.  I'll have to take a better after picture soon so you can really see how it looks in the room.  It's a million times better, trust me!

Sadly, Old Blue (Chris' 1993 Chevy pick-up with almost a quarter of a million miles on it), tuckered out last month.  She made it possible for us to bring home our baby furniture from Craigslist, and pick up the new window for the living room.  She will be missed....may she rest in peace.  :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Baby Gibson

I've done a terrible job of keeping up with the blog the past few months.  Hopefully that will improve once Baby Gibson actually arrives!

Can't believe we are already at 26 weeks.  Well over halfway there...almost into the third trimester!  Time to remember how it all began.

On Fat Tuesday of this year Chris and I were attending one of the monthly PCA Club Meetings.  It sounds cheesy, but there is always great (free!) food and the chance to meet interesting people.  When there's a meeting in our part of the state, we try to go.

I thought a beer sounded great but, to be responsible, figured I should take a little test before I left to meet Chris.  Just to make sure I didn't have a bun in the oven or anything.  :)  Much to my surprise, not one but TWO lines popped up on my little pink test!  I couldn't believe it, and I couldn't wait to tell Chris.

I slipped the test in a ziploc baggie and planned to put it in the pocket of Chris' jeans that I was bringing so he could change out of his work clothes.  As it turns out, he was late to meet me at Buffalo Wild Wings and didn't want to change at all. to tell him now?

As it turns out, I didn't really have to tell him at all.  When he saw that I was drinking iced tea and not an Abita (and on Fat Tuesday...blasphemy!) he asks, in typical Chris fashion, "What, are you pregnant or something?"

When I answered "Um, yes, I am pregnant!" his jaw dropped open.  Not the answer he was expecting!  :)  But then the smile spread across his face, and I knew he was just as excited as I was.

I picked up two more tests the next day, just to make sure we didn't get a false positive.  Definitely not- three tests, three positive results.  We were going to be parents!

Chris came home the next day with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  So sweet.

I felt great at first but by week 8, was already feeling "morning sickness"- although mine was sort of "all-day-long-but-worse-at-night-sickness".  Even some of my favorite foods sounded terrible to me.  But luckily, by the time my 2nd trimester began, it was gone.  Like magic!  Couldn't believe it.

I've been feeling really good ever since!  It was so hard at first to determine if those tiny flutters I was feeling in my belly were actually the baby.  I probably felt them for a few weeks before I really decided they were, in fact, tiny Baby Gibson swimming around in there.  By week 16 I was sure of them, and by week 17 Chris was actually able to feel him or her too.  Such an exciting moment!  It made it seem even more real than just seeing our sweet baby during our ultrasounds.  :)

Recently, starting at around week 25, we've been able to actually see Baby G move my belly.  It's so alien-like!  We were at the beach last Sunday (should have put more sunscreen on the belly got pretty red) and every once in a while we'd see my belly just move.  Crazy!  But so exciting.  The little baby is over a foot long and almost two pounds now...just 3 more months to go!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Birthdays in the Big Apple

For anyone who didn't know, this year I turned the big 3-0.  While I can't say that I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of my thirties, my wonderful husband gave me a fabulous birthday (followed a few days later by our trip to St. John!) and now I am happily settled into my 30s.

Quick pic before heading to Robert (taken with the new tripod)

I knew Chris was taking me into the city for the birthday, but he was keeping the location a surprise.  It turns out he'd searched for a restaurant with a view, and ended up with: Robert.  (Great pics on their website!)  It's on the top floor of the Museum of Art and Design on the edge of Central Park, and we actually watched the Macy's parade right across from the street from it this year, not realizing there was a restaurant at the top!

The view of Columbus Circle from our table..amazing.
When Chris made the reservations he told them it was for my 30th birthday, and they gave us THE best table in the house- right smack in the middle of their window overlooking Columbus Circle and the edge of Central Park.  What an incredible view!  I had not one but two (hey, I was turning 30) of their signature cocktail "The Isabell".  It had elderflower liqueur in it, and though I still have no idea what that really is, I can say it's DELICIOUS.  :)  I had parsnip soup for an appetizer and their short ribs for dinner.  In short, it was fabulous.  I can't ever remember what Chris had I was so excited by my own dinner!

And while we ordered a piece of peanut butter/chocolate decadence for dessert, our kind waiter brought out a second dessert as well: bomboloni, cinnamon dusted ricotta fritters with caramel and chocolate dipping sauce.  It was on the house, since he too had recently celebrated his 30th.  Overall, I couldn't have asked for a better way to celebrate 30 years on this planet, and I'm so lucky to have such a thoughtful hubby.  Thank you again!

Best part of my meal...dessert.

In Columbus Circle after our's always freezing for my birthday.  :)

Fast forward to June.  Chris' birthday this year fell on a Wednesday, so the initial celebration was bit low key.  He wouldn't even let me bake a cake, and insisted on just brownies and ice cream (although I did make homemade caramel sauce as a concession).
Doesn't he have the best smile?

So we waited until Saturday to really celebrate, and celebrate we going to Mario Batali's restaurant Babbo in Greenwich Village.

It is practically impossible to get reservations at Babbo.  We've tried before.  They take them exactly 30 days prior, from when they open at 10:00.  And even if you start calling at 10:00 on the nose...the line is immediately busy.  Chris did get through once, for our anniversary I think, but the only opening they had at that point was for 11:00 p.m.

So for his birthday, we decided to just take our chances with walking in and trying to eat in the bar area...and it worked!  We only had to wait about 45 minutes before we were seated at one of the five little tables in the bar area.

Not only did we actually get to see Mario at one point, standing just five feet away in his crocs, shorts, and vest, with his hair in a ponytail like always, but the food was out-of-this-world.  Best meal we've ever had, including all the incredible dishes we had on our Italian honeymoon.

Chris started with the mussels and I had an appetizer with grilled squash and buffalo mozarella.  For dinner, he chose their famous pork chop:

And when I asked the waiter to help me decide between two pasta dishes, he actually recommended a third I'd never even considered: casunzei with poppy seeds, very thin ravioli filled with roasted beets in a poppy seed and buttery cream sauce.  Amazing.  This picture doesn't do it justice.

I was so glad it worked out!  Chris deserved a wonderful night.  It was extra special for us, since we don't know how many more dinners out we'll get to enjoy once we celebrate another very important birthday on or around October 28.  :)

Bailey is not quite sure how to handle the upcoming role of Big Brother.  :)
Today I'm 22 weeks, so we are over halfway there!  Can't believe it.  In the first pic I was 15 weeks, in the second pic 21 weeks...what a difference a month makes!  :)  We can't wait.