Sunday, August 28, 2011

Goodnight [Hurricane] Irene

It's Sunday morning and Irene is here!  Chris and I spent the night on the air mattress in the kitchen due to the huge tree outside our bedroom window.  So far, so good though, and obviously we still have power.

Irene Lashes Connecticut

I'm so thankful my family didn't pick this week to visit!  They were here two weeks ago and almost everything we did in the city has been closed this weekend due to Irene.  The city that never sleeps is actually taking a nap!

Wednesday morning we took the train from White Plains, NY so they could see Grand Central Station.  This was Josh's first time on a train!

Josh at Rockefeller Center, iconic-landmark-not-to-be-missed #2.

Empire State Building!
This was actually my first time to go up to the observation deck.  The views were incredible.  And the elevator goes from the 2nd floor to the 80th floor in exactly one minute.

The next day we took a break from all the walking in the city and hung around Newtown.  I took them to a wine tasting at McLaughlin Vineyards which they really enjoyed.  My favorite part?  When Josh told the person faciliating the tasting that this wine was way better than the wine my parents usually drink.  :)

Friday we went back into the city.  First stop: Battery Park and the ferry to the Statue of Liberty.  This was also my first time to see Lady Liberty!

From Battery Park, we walked through the financial district so they could see Ground Zero.  This is the new, still being built World Trade Center.

Next stop: Central Park!

Final stop for the night: dinner in Koreatown.  Yum...

Chris was able to take the train into the city after work and meet us for dinner!

The original plan for Saturday was to go to Boston, but I think two days in NYC wore my mom (and her new heart valve) out.  So we ended up staying in CT and I took her to Silverman's Farm to pick peaches!  We made 10 jars of peach jam a few days later.

On Sunday after church, Chris hung out with my dad and brother and I drove my mom into the city to see her first ever Broadway show.  We went to the TKTS booth in Times Square to hopefully get tickets for Jersey Boys or Mamma Mia.  Jersey Boys was sold out and Mamma Mia wasn't listed that day, we got tickets to see "Catch Me If You Can" instead.  I hadn't heard much about the show, but it ended up being fantastic!  Too bad it's closing next month.  Mom LOVED it.  :)

So that was my family's visit in a nutshell!  It was so much fun to have them here.  Too bad my sisters and their families couldn't have been here too.  Although if they had come we would have had to rent a van or something...we could barely fit in my little Civic as it was!

8:41 and we still have power...25% of the state is currently without power...maybe we won't lose it after all?  Fingers crossed!   :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

All Shook Up?

So by now everyone has probably heard the news that an earthquake was felt all along the east coast...but somehow it missed Casa Gibson!  Can't say I'm disappointed.  There's a reason I never wanted to live in California, and it's not the exorbitant real estate prices.

Chris said his office in Orangeburg, NY shook for about a minute!  Crazy.  I did have the dryer and the dishwasher going, and I was running around the house, but I think if it was shaking I would have felt that. And Bailey certainly would have let me know something was wrong.  Who knows?

Here's what the Newtown Bee posted on their website.

Virginia Earthquake Rattles Newtown

At 1:55 pm Tuesday, Newtown police said they started receiving telephone calls from residents across town reporting that they had felt the shaking effects of what seemed to be an earthquake.
Police said they received calls from areas including High Rock Road, Todds Road, and Main Street. No injuries and no physical damage had been reported, police said.
Police said they received between 7 and 10 calls immediately after the shock waves were felt.
Inside The Newtown Bee's building at 5 Church Hill Road, the floors of the building seemed to oscillate up and down for about 15 seconds during the incident.
National news organizations were reporting that a magnitude 5.8 earthquake had occurred in Virginia, with associated temblors felt along the eastern seaboard from North Carolina to Massachusetts.
Within minutes of an initial posting about the event on The Newtown Bee's Facebook page, more than a dozen commenters reported feeling the quake throughout Newtown, in surrounding towns including Southbury and New Milford, and as far away as Port Chester, NY.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Eat, Drink, and Be Married...Congrats Jill and Will!

I can't believe the summer is almost over!  I go back to work on Thursday and my head is already spinning with all the things I need to get done.  But before that happens, I'm getting all blogerrific and catching up on some of the fun we've had this summer that's gone by way too fast.

Two weekends ago we went to Newport, RI to celebrate the absolutely spectacular wedding of Chris' cousin Jill and her handsome new husband Will.  She was gorgeous and the entire weekend was beautiful.  Chris' great aunt and uncle, Laura and Al, were able to attend the wedding.  I had never met them, and even Chris' sister hadn't met them, so it was such a special opportunity for everyone to visit with them.  Here they are taking the pedicab to the rehearsal dinner Friday night:

And I'm afraid that's about all the pictures I took that weekend!  Chris' dad had his camera, his sister Caroline was taking pictures with her DSLR, so I just sort of sat back and enjoyed the festivities.  Hopefully they will share some of the pics with me!  But just to remember what a fabulous weekend it was, here is the video Jill and Will's videographer put together the day of the wedding and showed at the reception.  We couldn't believe they could edit that quickly!

Congratulations Jill and Will!  Your incredible wedding is just the very first step in your long, loving, joy filled marriage!  Best of luck as you start out together.  See you at the Horan Family Christmas Party!  :)