Sunday, June 19, 2011

The roof, the roof, the roof... brand new!  Thanks to my handy-dandy husband.

The shed in the backyard has needed a new roof pretty much since we moved into the house.  We're actually amazed that it survived this winter's massive snow storm without collapsing.  Needless to say, once Chris started ripping off the old shingles he realized the plywood underneath would need to be replaced as well.  Boo.  What seemed like a simple job was going to add many, many more hours to the job.

By the way- shingles are HEAVY!  I helped Chris carry load after load of the old shingles to the driveway...and then let myself skip the gym that day.  :)  Another fun job I was assigned?  Scrubbing 20 years of mouse droppings from pieces of vinyl siding Chris found stored in the shed.  The smell was ridiculous.

Chris started the roof Memorial Day weekend and finished it yesterday.  (Roofing is hugely dependent on weather and we've had lots of thunderstorms lately, so it ended up being a longer process than Chris anticipated.)  I think it turned out amazing!  Now we realize what a great little shed we have out there and can't wait to start using it more often.  Doesn't the after look great?!