Saturday, December 11, 2010

Oh, Christmas Tree

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas here at Casa Gibson!  I decided that our dining room table needed a little sprucing up for Christmas.  I found the set of 4 festive plates for $10 at Home Goods and everything else I already had.  I add this picture just so Chris' cousin Jill knows we patronize the stores of TJX Corporation.  :)

At Paprowski's Tree Farm last Sunday.  We found a tree in under 10 minutes.  (I find the amount of time it takes to select and cut down a tree is inversely proportional to how cold it is.  It was pretty chilly that day!)

As soon we got the tree home and in the house, Bailey commenced with his favorite part of the Christmas season: eating the tree.

With lights!  But no ornaments yet.

And here she is all decked out!

We have three new Christmas ornaments on the tree this year.
This one we got from Chris' parents last year.  I love it!

Chris and I like to bring home a Christmas ornament from each trip we take.  We're not really souvenir people, so ornaments are the perfect way to remember each and every vacation (although our St. Lucia trip went by so quickly we didn't find one.  Whoops!)  This one I found on Block Island when we went this past June.  Technically I think it's a sun catcher you're supposed to hang in a window, but I think it looks beautiful on the tree. 

And this one is another Christmas gift from last year.  My older sister Angie gave Chris and me this to remember our first Christmas as a married couple.  :)

And one more thing...last week when we were at the Christmas tree farm, a reporter from the Danbury News-Times (local newspaper) asked us if she could take our picture.  We swung by the grocery store this morning to pick up a copy, and lo and behold there we were, right on the front of the section!  There's a smaller picture of Chris at the bottom of the page, sawing down the tree.  Very fun.  :)  Click right here to go to the News-Times website and get a better look at the pictures.  Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thanksgiving and...Christmas?

We've been really busy this fall and winter.  I've been doing a terrible job of keeping up with our little blog here, not that we have a lot of readers anyway.  :)  But, it's time to blog because we got to spend Thanksgiving (and Christmas! sort of) with Chris' family a few weeks ago and it was great fun.

Chris and I both had to work on the Wednesday before Christmas.  Because we've seen how bad traffic can be on the Mass Turnpike the night before Turkey Day, we opted to drive to Maine on Thursday morning.  And it worked like a dream!  There were cars on the road but no real traffic and we got to Eliot at 10:30.  Perfect timing.

I'm sad to say that I don't have many pictures from Thanksgiving (could have something to do with the fact that I did a LOT of eating) but here are a few:

How's the gravy, Chris?

FIL (or Jay to the rest of you) carving the bird!

Beautiful table!

And somehow after all that amazingly delicious food I managed to go shopping at midnight with Mary Pat and Caroline.  Once we actually got to J Crew I realized I was pretty tired and sort of walked around in a zombie-like state for awhile, but I perked up at Banana Republic.  I bought Christopher 8 pairs of boxers for $19!  It was practically highway robbery.  :)

Then the Saturday after Thanksgiving we got together with Chris' side of the family for the annual, not-to-be-missed, better-wear-your-stretchy-pants-because-there's-bound-to-be-tons-of-food, time-to-get-your-Yankee-swap-on, HORAN FAMILY CHRISTMAS PARTY!

Meg, Scott, and Eric

That adorable little ball of fluff is Sophie!  Jill's maltipoo!
I think we need one.  Bailey could use a teeny little sister.

Dick was #14 for the swap so he got stuck with Chris' gift, which was actually pretty fun- 2 sleds and a box of hot chocolate!  Just add some snow for a fun afternoon!

So much merriment.  And the Christmas season has only just begun!