Sunday, May 16, 2010

Around the House

I'm shocked that we're already halfway through May- we've been so busy we don't know where the time went! Chris has been busy with MBA stuff and I'm up to my ears in annual reports, but we've still found time do a few projects around the house.

Garage door...who knows the last time it saw a coat of paint...
And after Chris got his hands on it!

Last Saturday morning I helped fix up the grounds at church- in the rain. That afternoon when the weather cleared, I was inspired to start the herb garden we've wanted to put on the patio! Too bad Bailey decided that he liked to eat parsley. :/

Not to worry! We had five other parsley plants, along with mint, basil, chives, dill, and thyme. All the favorites. We planted them on the deck in plastic containers so the deer can't get to them. Chris is planning on building wooden boxes to enclose the plastic ones.

I finally hung soap in the hydrangea bushes in the backyard! With a little luck it will keep the deer from eating it down to the ground like they did last year. They still need a little hydrangea miracle grow...they're not looking too healthy.

Like the garage door, the exterior of the shed in the backyard also looked like it hadn't seen any TLC in years. A little wood stain and elbow grease later...

And it looked like this! Much better, right? Chris gets all the credit here- he stained the entire shed.

We enjoyed so many dinners last summer on our wonderful deck. With no deck furniture. Though we didn't mind eating our dinners off a picnic blanket or a few TV trays, we were determined to find some deck furniture this year. But we're frugal, and deck furniture isn't cheap. We had almost settled on a wrought iron set from Target (1 round table, 4 chairs) for about $400. Enter Craig's list. We found the perfect set only 25 minutes away. It has one round table, two chairs, and two rocker chairs. It's fifteen years old but WAY sturdier than the stuff we were considering at Target. And for just $120, we're able to justify buying a few extra things for the deck if we come across something we like! The furniture was a little rusty, but nothing that a good scrape and some Rustoleum spray paint couldn't fix.

It looks brand new! You'd never know that it had been rusty when we purchased it. We love it! Now who wants to come over for BBQ? :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

We finally bought one!

Thanks to Ebay, we finally bought the digital SLR we've talked about getting forever! It's a Canon Rebel xti and we LOVE it. Still learning about all the features and figuring out how to use it, but we love playing with it. Just look at these amazing pictures of my loves?!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Magic Carpet

This carpet isn't magical in the genie-in-a-bottle sense. No, this is magic carpet because it has completely changed the look of our second floor!

The first floor of our house has hardwood floors throughout. The front room even has original 120 year old hardwood planks. But our master bedroom, office, and hallway upstairs all had carpet...and three different kinds of carpet at that. All we wanted was the same simple, neutral carpet in all three rooms. We found what we wanted for a great price at a local flooring shop in Bethel, CT- where it was almost $1.00 per square foot cheaper than at one of the big box flooring stores! Wahoo. We were also able to save $360 by doing the rip-up, disposal, and removal of furniture by ourselves. After all, why pay someone to do something when you can get the blisters yourselves? :) And blisters we did get (it isn't easy ripping up staples out of subflooring!) but it was worth it in the end. Our new carpet is in and we LOVE it!

We piled all the old carpet in the basement until Chris was able to take it to the transfer station.
View of the office before...

...and after!

Master bedroom before...

weird subfloor, huh?

...and AFTER! The carpet looks a touch purple in the picture, but it's actually just a very nice tannish color called Driftwood.

I may be a Texas Aggie, and my blood may run maroon, but that does NOT mean I want Aggie-esque carpet in my bedroom. So long, burgundy carpet! And good riddance!