Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Shame on me...

...I've been a bad blogger. It's not entirely my fault, we've had a lot going on around Casa Gibson. Like this, for example:

Yumm...this was a picture we took in Menagio (across Lake Como from Bellagio) while on our honeymoon. Chris and I have both given up coffee for lent.

And. We. Miss. It.

Without my weekend mocha I haven't been getting my weekly blog posts in. Luckily Easter's only a week away! Next year I should probably give up sweets. I never met a cookie or a cupcake I didn't like.

Which leads into our next picture. Although we've had nothing but rain for the past few days, last weekend was picture perfect. We took the train into NYC after church and had lunch at Cascabel Taqueria. We had tostadas from the tostada bar and sangria...perfect for a late lunch! Then we walked over to Central Park and found a nice spot on the grass to soak in the sun. Sorry there is no picture- I was enjoying the sun and scenery too much to even pull out the camera. We ended our day at the Ceci Cela Patisserie where we enjoyed this:

for 50% off with one of Chris' groupons. We had an apple tart, a raspberry and white chocolate cake, and opera cake (espresso, chocolate, and almonds). YUM. This is why I go to the gym. Why work out if you can't eat cake? :)

Now we're finally at this past weekend. Chris spent all of Saturday working on a project for one of his MBA classes and I cleaned the house. Not very exciting. Sunday after church (did I mention I'm teaching a Sunday school class? We go to Wilton Baptist Church. I have 3 Kindergarten boys. You would think having only 3 in the class would make it easy, but they are a handful!) we began the huge job of painting the garage. After moving everything away from the walls, I edged and Chris rolled. Using oil based primer. 3 hours later our lungs were full of VOCs but the garage looked great! Next time we're wearing masks.

Princess Bailey didn't want to get dirty, so he found some drywall to lounge on.


And after! We still need to do the ceiling as well as a top coat (haven't picked a color yet) but the difference is pretty dramatic already.

Chris' parents are coming for Easter weekend (yay!) so we probably won't do any more painting until next week. And the new carpet we ordered for the master bedroom, hallway, and office is finally in so we need to rip up and dispose of the old carpet too...oh well. Somehow it will all get done! :)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

I think spring...

might be around the corner! It is glorious outside today with temperatures in the fifties and not a cloud in the sky. B-e-a-utiful! I can't believe just a week ago I was out of school because of snow. Here's a little reminder of winter before it's gone for good.

Backyard Winter Wonderland from Jessica Hasty on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Baby Schottlaender

The weekend before last I escaped the clenches of New England's winter and made my way down to warm Dallas. Or Allen, Texas, to be more specific. One of my best friends from college and her husband are expecting their first child, a girl, and I didn't want to miss her baby shower. It was the first time in a long time I've actually hung out with Alayna in Dallas. Before that it was Taos, NM (a fun ski vacation we took with her and her hubby Justin), Boston (where we had a celebratory drink with them the night Chris and I got engaged!), Houston (for my bridal shower last year), and New Orleans (for the wedding). I'm so glad I got to see her before her baby girl arrives! She's due in less than a month. And I have to keep saying "Baby Girl Schottlaender" because they are not telling anyone what her name is until she's born. Alayna's mom and I tried pretty hard to get them to slip up too, but their lips are sealed. :)

Congratulations, Schottlaenders, you are going to be terrific parents!

Remember Alayna from the wedding?
And here we are in almost exactly the same pose, but looking considerably different! :) As in, check out her adorable baby bump.

I flew out Friday afternoon and back in Sunday night. Chris had class Friday night and all day Saturday, but during the little downtime he had while I was gone he managed to turn this:

The area under our kitchen sink that has seen better days, and a leak or two...

Into this! Good job, honey. :)