Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Today Chris' parents have been married for 35 years. 35 years! Chris and I celebrated our 3-month anniversary two days ago so that makes us...1/140th of the way to our 35th. :)

We just wanted to wish them a very Happy 35th Anniversary. They are both such kind, wonderful people and I am blessed to now call them family. Enjoy your day!

Celebrating our engagement with us March 2008

Saturday, July 18, 2009

We're jammin'

No, we haven't taken a sudden interest in Bob Marley. Our friends Evie and Dave just moved to NYC from Houston and came to Connecticut to visit us last Sunday. They had tried to pick strawberries a few weeks ago on Long Island but were rained out, so we thought we'd take them to the Jones Family Farm here in CT. Since it was the last day of the season, it felt a lot more like strawberry hunting than strawberry picking but we still managed to come away with more than enough strawberries to make our first ever batch of jam.

This is what 7 cups of sugar looks like. wonder jam is so delicious.
Mashing the strawberries- we needed 4 cups.
Chris looks a little unhappy here because it was almost time to pour the jam into jars and I was taking pictures at this critical moment.
Here the wax was cooling on top of the jam.
And here is our finished product! I don't think we'll ever eat this much by ourselves...anyone out there in need of some strawberry jam? :)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Hello all! Chris and I are up in the White Mountains celebrating the 4th of July with Chris' parents. Despite the rain, and there has been a lot of it, we have all been having a terrific time just spending time together.

I have always loved celebrating our nation's birthday. I'm the girl who still tears up when she hears the Star Spangled Banner, no matter the venue, because we are just so incredibly blessed to live in this country. There's no doubt that we have our problems- lately you can't avoid hearing about them. But we're still lucky.

My beautiful Mom came here from South Korea by herself over thirty years ago, worked hard, learned the language, and finally became a U.S. citizen when I was in college. She probably knows more about American history than a lot of us now! Thinking of how much courage it took to move away from her family and everything she knows gives me strength when I'm homesick for Texas and everyone I know. Moving across the country is nothing compared to moving across the world.

My Mom worked hard for the privilege of becoming an American. I will try today and every day to not take for granted the privilege I was born into.

Me and Mom on my wedding day (apologies for the cell phone- the cake was M.I.A.!)