Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Toys

One evening a couple of weeks ago, I approached Jessica with the request "I'd like to discuss something with you.....".  Historically, this had been followed by the explanation of a job offer I had received and the required relocation, but this time it was something much more exciting -- a Porsche I'd found for sale!!  It is a 1987 911 Targa found on ebay (of course) that came to me from California.  It will stay in the garage mostly until things warm up, but I've taken it out a couple of times already, and it is quite fun.  

In bad need of a bath

One of the few times you'll see it with the top on

Awesome race car inspired interior (red accent around the shifter may have to go, though)

1972 Ariens snowblower I found on craigslist.  An ugly beast, but a great machine nonetheless.  Naturally, it hasn't snowed since I got it 3 weeks ago.

Girls' Weekend

I had a blast down in Texas for the Valentine's Day weekend!  I was very nervous about carrying my wedding dress with me onto the plane, but the employees and other passengers couldn't have been nicer.  At first the people seated around me assumed that I had just gotten married, but when they asked and I told them the wedding wasn't until April, one passenger exclaimed "You haven't worn it yet?!" and then proceeded to help move everything around in the overhead bin so that my dress could lay flat.  They were wonderful!  And while waiting to board the flight (with my dress sitting in the chair next to me) a girl came up to ask me about it, and we soon realized that we are both getting married in New Orleans on the same day!  It was fun to talk with her and her fiance.  Small world, huh?  (On a non-wedding note- I learned when I arrived in Houston that the very cute brown dog I had seen on my flight was none other than the winner of this year's Westminster Dog Show!  Best in Show, right there on the same plane.  To read about Stumpy, you can click here.)

My bridal portraits were scheduled for Saturday morning and when I'd checked the weather earlier in the week, Saturday was set to be sunny and beautiful.  But, unfortunately, weather in south Texas is known to be fickle and Saturday ended up being gray and rainy.  Since the plan all along was to leave my dress with my sister in Texas so that I wouldn't have to stress about getting it to New Orleans, I knew this was my only chance to take pictures.  So we did it!  We ended up having to stay on the porch of the plantation for most of the pictures, but I was just glad that we were able to take any at all.  After the pictures, I rushed to the airport to pick up one of my best girlfriends from Dallas and it was off to my Bachelorette Party!  I had a great time with all of the girls...and tried not to look my mom in the eye while I opened most of my presents!  :)  Sunday was my bridal shower and Cari did an amazing job!  I couldn't believe all the thought she put into my Mardi Gras themed shower.  The decorations were so festive and her Cajun cooking was delicious- you'd never known she's really a New Yorker!  My mom, sister and friends truly made me feel special and loved and I can't thank them enough for it.  They are WONDERFUL!

Here's Kaylee all dressed up for her Valentine's Day party...don't you love the tutu?
Me and my flower girl!
Catherine (who is like my other little sister), me and Liz
All the way from Dallas!
At the shower
Yum...Cari got red velvet cake, my favorite!
Isn't she an adorable mom-to-be?
My mom and sistah...I think I definitely need a tan before the wedding!  :)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Send out wedding invitations...check!

If this is your first visit to our blog, there's a good chance you just got your wedding invitation in the mail!  We can't believe that we are actually at this step because it means the wedding is just around the corner.  We decided to make the invitations ourselves so we could get them exactly like we wanted.  Me, the perfectionist who prefers to take her time, and Chris, Mr. I'm-too-efficient-to-get-things-done-slowly, worked together to make it happen.  And I love how they turned out!  Here are a few pictures from the night we printed them.

Bailey is wondering why I suddenly stopped him in his tracks.  It's because those three piles of ivory directly to his left were envelopes, reply cards, and their matching envelopes!
Can't make invitations without a paper jam or two.

I am on winter break next Thursday, Friday and Monday and am going to TEXAS!  I'm headed south for bridal portraits, a Girls' Night Out, a bridal shower, AND the chance to visit with friends I haven't seen in way too long!  My mom is flying down from Arkansas and one of my best girlfriends is flying in from Dallas too.  I can't wait!  See you all next week!