Thursday, October 23, 2008

New York, New York

Chris and I were so excited to have Cari and Andy come visit us in Connecticut a few weeks ago!  Andy had to work at the Danbury office the following week, so he and Cari both flew up on Thursday night and stayed through the weekend.  Unfortunately the weather was rainy so we didn't get to go hiking like we had planned, and the poor weather did nothing to help me convince Cari that she wants to live in Connecticut one day!  But we went into NYC on Saturday night and stayed through Sunday afternoon and had fun despite the rain.

Our hotel was right across the street from Ground Zero and we could see the work they're doing from our window.  They seem to work almost round the clock and almost every day of the week...which is why the hotel thoughtfully provides earplugs!  I had never been to Ground Zero before and I was glad to finally be able to pay my respects.  Saturday night we took the subway to Times Square and had a delicious dinner in Little Italy.  On Sunday we walked around Central Park and had a HUGE lunch at a place called Maxie's before taking Cari to the airport.  Thanks again for visiting, Sarantapoulases!  :)

In Times Square
Cari and Andy

The cross was one block down from our hotel and Ground Zero.  I think this is only a temporary location for it, though.
Ground Zero
HUGE Reuben Sandwich!!  Both Chris and Andy got them and neither of them could finish.
In Central Park
The fountain from the TV show "Friends"

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Neutral has never looked better

There are still changes that we'd like to make to the master bathroom (new countertop, maybe new flooring, etc.) but just changing the paint on the walls made such a huge difference!  The bathroom feels twice as big, and there's just so much light now!  We're happier.  :)

and after!

It isn't cheap to live in Fairfield County, and now that we have a mortgage (and want to make a couple renovations too) there are some things we had to cut from the budget...and taking Bailey to the groomer's was one of them.  Cocker spaniels have a LOT of hair and it grows fast, so paying $60+ every month for Bailey to get a hair cut seemed a bit excessive.  Chris bought a groomer's kit to do it himself and I have to say he does a pretty good job.  Every time I open the bathroom door to peek in, though, Bailey looks like he wants me to rescue him!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hurricane Ike Refugee

So, I'm working in my office the Friday before last (and by "office", I mean my Civic) when my phone rings. It's Evie, one of my good friends from Houston and a recent Hurricane Ike survivor. She told me it had been over a week since her apartment had lost power and she'd had about all she could take of reading by candle light and going to bed early. Since flights out of Houston were dirt cheap...she wanted to buy a ticket and come visit us! I hadn't seen Evie in over a year so I was thrilled.

After a few rainy weekends, the weather for Evie's visit couldn't have been more beautiful. Saturday we took her to pick apples at Blue Jay Orchards, just a mile and a half from our house. The owners of the orchard encouraged their customers to sample the apples before picking them, so I think we ended up eating as many as we took home! We also took home fresh apple cider and apple cider donuts...yum!  That afternoon the three of us took Bailey for a hike at one of our favorite parks. It was a slow, quiet day in Connecticut but luckily Evie didn't seem to mind. After the crazy aftermath of Hurricane Ike, I think peace and quiet was exactly what she needed!

Sunday we woke up early and drove into Boston. Evie's boyfriend Dave works for Carnival Cruises and they were docked in Boston for the afternoon. We arrived around lunchtime and stopped by the Boston Museum of Science for an IMAX, then headed off to Faneuil Hall for lunch. After lunch Evie headed off to the ship and Chris and I wandered around Boston. After a delicious dinner in the North End (not at Il Villagio where Chris proposed, I think we'll save that for an anniversary!) we met up with Evie and Dave for a drink before heading back. It was a long trip for one day, but worth it! Evie is now safely back in Houston with water AND power. I hope I don't have to wait until the next hurricane to visit with her again! :)

At Blue Jay Orchards
Buffing the apples
Part of the orchard...the trees were much smaller than I expected!
Hmm...what is wrong with this picture?
My fiance and his dashing good looks in Boston

We took a ride on one of these boats! It was the last day of the season for a ride.

Evie and Dave- so cute!
We love Boston. :)