Sunday, September 14, 2008


Chris and I had made plans to go out for sushi after work on Friday, but with the rain we were getting that evening we thought it'd be cozier to stay inside (and I was glued to the TV watching updates on Hurricane Ike).  So we went to the store and bought smoked salmon and avocados so that we could make our own Philly rolls!  We've been wanting to try it forever and it was a lot of fun.  No, our first rolls did not look much like the ones you'd find at a sushi restaurant, but they definitely improved with practice.  And even the smushed ones were yummy!

Rolling the sushi...the critical part!
Hmm...roll #1 didn't look so round.
It still tasted good!
Roll #3, our best effort yet...Chris surprised me with his sushi-rolling skills!
See?  Not bad!  And we're pumped to try again sometime soon.  :)

Dodgingtown Rd. Renovation Numero Uno

We've been in the house nearly a month and the renovations have begun.  When we moved in, our master bathroom could best be described as a 1980's Tuscan paradise.  I'm sure at some point in time, someone put the  finishing touches on this wall feeling they had created a true masterpiece......we found it equally satisfying to put the first coat of primer on.   Here's the before pictures, after pictures soon to follow (despite Lowe's claims, one coat just won't cut it to cover this creation).

Thursday, September 11, 2008

One New (Old) House and Two Hurricanes

A lot has happened since I last wrote!  We have been BUSY.  Chris and I have purchased and begun to settle into a great house in Newtown, CT.  Newtown is about halfway between Danbury (where Chris works) and Waterbury (where I'm teaching) and it's the perfect way to split the commute.  The house is over 100 years old and has such great character.  Previous owners have managed to keep the charm of an old colonial while expanding the house for modern homeowners- like the huge kitchen with tons of counter space.  While there are some things we'd still like to do to the house  (replace carpeting upstairs, new kitchen counter, etc.) for the most part the house is perfect as is.

And now...the H-word.  I can't begin to tell you how nervous Chris and I were when New Orleans was bracing for Hurricane Gustav!  We checked the weather constantly to track the storm as it was approaching and monitor the storm when it hit.  Luckily, New Orleans seems to have survived with little damage this time around.  Of course we're relieved that we still have a wedding venue (the Benachi House suffered a lot of damage from Katrina).  Even more importantly, though, we hope that New Orleans residents will see how much better prepared the city is for a hurricane and decide to move back.

While New Orleans is safe from Hurricane Ike, some of my family members and friends down in Texas are bracing for it.  My sister Liz and her family in Lake Jackson have already followed the mandatory evacuation and headed up to Austin with her in-laws.  Some friends in Houston are riding out the storm, some are leaving.  My thoughts are with all of you guys down in my home state.  

Chris and I decided to join in Newtown's 5K Labor Day weekend.  It was a muggy, rainy morning but we still had fun!  Despite the fact that we were sore for several days afterward.  :)